Saturday, October 17, 2009

HCG Update

If you read this blog a couple of entries ago you know in my last ditch effort, to drop the pounds that piled on top of me this last year, I started taking HCG. I was on the hormone drops for 30 days and lost 15 lbs! That was the easy part (well sort of easy was a really long 30 days) the hard part is keeping it off. Because I like to eat in times of stress, in times of sadness and happiness, in times of monthly cycles, and frankly all times, I am having a hard time maintaining! After you stop taking the drops you then continue to eat just fruits, veggies and proteins but you increase your caloric intake to 1500 calories and you get to add dairy. Well, there was something in those drops that made eating only protein and veggies doable, because now all I want is CARBS and CANDY! So I just ordered some different drops that you can take during maintenance that should help suppress my appetite and continue to burn fat. We will see if that helps. I know several people who have done this diet and maintained just fine but their husbands probably didn't move to Canada, and I am guessing they didn't start maintenance during mid-term week! So like my life in general I am taking this one day at a time and trying my very best!

Canada, Eh?

Just when I thought life couldn't become any more chaotic, with two parents in the house, one of them up and leaves for a job and Canada, and unfortunately it isn't me! Since returning from Hawaii, last summer, Trent has felt the effects of the economy and he has literally held on to a job for the last year by his fingertips. So it wasn't a huge surprise when his company ran out of work and he was laid off...The day he was laid off, in a desperate attempt to find work and support his family, he took off on a 4 day road trip around the western part of the United States looking for work. As a member of the line workers union, you have to sign "the books" in person, showing that you are available for work and when something comes up in that location they can call you out. So Trent, along with two other lineman, traveled through California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah signing "the books" in every union hall along the way. Trent and the boys came back to Arizona to sit and wait for any offer. Two weeks passed without a phone call. Although, we knew things were slow, I didn't think it was possible that no one needed a lineman (he installs and repairs electricity for goodness sakes) anywhere. Finally, an offer did come in. . . In CANADA! In fact he received two offers and they were both in Canada! At first I just had to laugh. Not only was my husband going to have to leave our home for a job, he was going to have to leave the country! I still held on to some hope, that as he waited for a Visa , something closer to home would be offered, but nothing else came. And because I have to most incredible, loving and hard working husband, he went all the way across the U.S. border just to provide for us. So Trent has been gone for almost 2 weeks now. He is going to be working in this incredibly beautiful area in Vancouver called Toba. He has to be flown in on a small plane and then he will stay there for 3 weeks straight. He will be working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and sleep on a barge in a "man camp". The great news is, he will be very busy (leaving him less time to miss us) and he will work for 3 weeks straight and then come home for a week! He should be home for a visit around November 5th and we are counting down the days!

Things have been challenging without him here. If I thought things were chaotic before, the chaos level has just increased tenfold! Fortunately, for us we have a loving family that is extremely supportive and they are helping to raise our children! In all of the craziness the kids and I are doing well in school and are trying to find a life outside of all of our commitments. I am lucky to have very well-adjusted kids who can just go with the flow because we are definitely in the middle of a raging river! But we are taking each day at a time and doing our very best!