Friday, February 17, 2012

Lov'n in the Oven

I can't honestly remember the last time I spent time with both of my grandma's at the same time, so it was a pretty special occasion when Grandma Cecil and Grandma Fluhr came over to help us decorate sugar cookies! Keeping up with the heart theme, we first dined on a heart shaped pizza (thank you Barro's) and then it was time to roll out the dough and start cutting out our heart shaped cookies! I used a recipe I found on Pinterest for the dough and while it was supposed to be the "best sugar cookie ever" they were gross! Fortunately, the cookies looked cute and we had m&m's to eat or else it would have been a bigger disappointment! In this case the fun was in making the cookies rather than eating them!
Yes, I found this idea on Pinterest! I'm just glad Michel suggested we call a pizza place to see if they would make it so I didn't have to make it myself!

We had a little mishap while making the frosting....Sparky enjoyed the powder sugar that exploded all over the kitchen!

Miss Paisley has become very independent...GG was only able to help her for a few minutes before she insisted on doing it herself!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Love is in the Air

My ultimate favorite (non-religious) holidays are Thanksgiving and Valentines Day. Since I have already talked about my love of Thanksgiving in a previous post, I can focus on my love of Valentines Day! What could be better than an entire month full of my favorite color, hearts, love and chocolate! Our home has been in full Valentines mode since February 1st and thanks to Pinterest we have had a creative heart filled week! Here are just some of the loved theme fun we have had so far:

I found a great tutorial to make Valentines Day envelopes for the kids and decided it would be a fun way to give them little love notes everyday! Of course, this ended up being one of those thoughtful ideas that turns into an annoying burden... Since I inevitably forget to do it most nights I am usually woken up at 6:00 by very angry children demanding their Valentine and Candy, thus taking all the fun out of the activity. I may have to rethink this one for next year. At least the envelopes turned out cute!
This is the tutorial I used to create mine!

Seeing all the darling homemade Valentines on Pinterest motivated me to make them this year rather than buy them. Thank goodness, I don't have to come up with an original idea as there are a ton of cute ones out there...So here are the ones that I copied and made for Aiden and Anna's class. I can't take all the credit as they helped put them together! We even had a little sweat shop over here as we recruited Anna's friends to help.

Here are the one's we made for Anna's class. "I have my eyes on you, Valentine"

And here are Aiden's Valentines: "Have a Super Valentines' day"

I finally finished the banner that I had started before removing a piece of my finger! It turned out pretty cute and was very simple! I HEART BURLAP! I also made a heart themed sign, using my Cricut and a board Trent made me...

Aiden and Anna's classes are celebrating their Valentines Day parties today, rather than the 14th (I'm guessing it has something to do with Friday being a little more relaxed then the other days of the week). So Anna got all decked out in a heart shirt her Nana bought her and a heart shaped hair do (here is the link for how to re-create this look). Anna went to school party ready and couldn't wait to see her crush, Roper! According to Miss Anna, Roper asked her to be his Valentine... but she said no! When I asked her why, she said "I'm way too young for that mom"! That's right, sister!

There has even been love in the air in the therapy room! All of the therapy sessions this week were Valentines day themed! I found out that the best way to get little boys and girls talking is to read a book called "Froggy's First Kiss"! I was a bit surprised how much the boys were willing to open up about their Valentines! Too cute!
Love this book! I used it with an artic group and purposely messed up sounds to see if they could catch me! This is a great way to increase awareness as well as practice as the kids giggle and say, "No, Mrs. B its not Balentines its V-V-Valentines"! Oh silly me!