Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween has to be one of the best holidays! There is nothing better than playing dress up, so a holiday that encourages this behavior has to be my favorite. This year we started off the night at my Aunt Sandy's annual Halloween party. The party in itself is an event. It gets bigger every year and no details are missed. We had to take pictures at the beginning of the night because once the kids saw the bouncy slide and bouncy house along with the face painter and balloon guy I never saw them again! It was great to see the family, including my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Phil who live in Texas. Although there was over a hundred people there, it was nice to just sit and hang out with my family and catch up, so I didn't leave the table much (except to enjoy the yummy food)!

My mom talked me in to dressing up with her and since my entire wardrobe is black it was an easy transition to become a witch. Aiden was the Incredible Hulk (I miss the days when I picked out his costume) and little miss Anna was Strawberry Shortcake! She was going to wear a wig but she kept complaining that it itched so we sprayed her hair red instead. No one recognized her as a red head! My cutie pie niece was an elephant with a pink tutu! She was absolutely adorable!!

In past years the kids have been fine skipping the trick or treating and just staying at the party but this year they were really anxious to trick or treat with their cousins Madelyn and Brendan. So we left the party and went over to Grandpa Dan's. Our neighbors, the Cardons, joined us along the way and we trick or treated around the neighborhood. The kids got tons of candy and I couldn't help but be sick at the thought of where all that candy would end up. Sure enough they had eaten 1/2 of it before the night was through. At one point I could literally see they were on a sugar high as they bounced around like bouncy balls! As much as I prefer that they not eat it all I would rather have them get it over with so we don't have to keep the candy around! All in all it was an almost perfect night. The only thing that would have made it better would be if Trent was apart of it. It almost broke my heart when I talked to him and I could hear how sad he was to have missed it. He said it was one of the hardest days of work to date, as he had to wade in freezing water most of the day. Then he had the added burden of thinking about the kids dressing up and not being able to see them. He is making a tremendous sacrifice for our family and we are so blessed to have such a hard working daddy. This better be the last Halloween without him!