Monday, September 9, 2013

Handball 101

As expected we are learning all sorts of new things from Laura! One of them is the great game of handball. When she told she played on a handball team at home, I was picturing wall ball with your hands...nope this game is entirely different. It's typically played on a court, and there is dribbling and passing and twirling and flips...I really have no idea what the rules are but it's aggressive and entertaining. After talking to some people we found out there is actually a team in AZ! Who knew? Although, Laura was hoping to play soccer at Mt. View she decided to try out the handball team until soccer started in late fall. After just one practice the team asked Laura if she could play in a tournament in Huntington Beach the following weekend...why not?? So we packed the car up for a quick trip to Cali! Overall it was a great weekend and so much fun to watch the tournament. The best part was the men's team was missing a player so they asked Trent to play! Yep, that's right...Trent played a game he has never played in his life during tournament...and they got 1st place!! Ha Ha! Most of the weekend revolved around the game, but we were able to spend some time on the beach, swimming in the freezing water, riding a huge bike down the boardwalk, shop a little and eat! As expected Laura loved California and can't wait to come back when we go to Disneyland!!!

1st place..Phoenix Men's Team!