Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All Stars

Aiden ended a so-so Spring season with an opportunity to try out for the All Stars 10-11 year olds. The tryouts were a little stressful as he was up against a group of boys that all played for the majors in the Spring. Aiden was awesome at the tryout and I was convinced that he was just as deserving as any of the other boys. After the tryout was over we were told that we would be getting a call by 6:30 to let us know if he made it and that he would come back and start practicing that night. We sat by the phone just begging for it to ring. More than anything I wanted Aiden to know he really was good enough. The whole thing is kind of frustrating, because unfortunately it really is all about who you know. It's kind of political and certain kids will make it solely because of who their dad is, and if the coach feels an obligation to pick that kid. So as we sat by the phone and the time kept ticking away I started to get really angry. I know I am biased but I watched the tryouts and I saw the competition. Aiden was definetly up there with the best of the boys. So when 6:30 passed and we didn't receive a call I was crushed. I couldn't believe that he didn't make it. Aiden put on a brave face  but I knew he was totally disappointed. As we began to console him and try to boost back his confidence the phone rang with a number I didn't recognize. I didn't even wait for the 2nd ring before answering and hearing "Hi is this Aiden's mom, this is coach Art"! He then told us that Aiden was great at tryouts and was only 1 of 2 boys from the minors team to make All Stars!!!!!!!!! After I hung up we did a happy dance! Such a proud moment and so validating. Aiden may be fairly new to the sport but he has worked so hard and we knew he was All Star material!

The downside to making All Stars is practice happens every night and it takes up at least the first month of summer. No chance for a vacay! But it was worth it. The practices were fun to watch and this group of boys that was selected really was the best of the best. I learned a lot about the game of baseball watching the practices as the boys were taught great skills. The actual tournament lasted for one week. We didn't know what to expect as Mesa North Central has never made it past the first 3 games. But once these boys started playing we saw they really had a chance. They annihilated the competition! They were winning games by spreads of 14-2, and even ending games early because of their leads. Mesa North Central ended up winning the District 7 Championship for the first time in 27 years! So fun! It was an overall great expeirence and we were thrilled Aiden was apart of it! A few weeks after the championship MNC went to Globe to participate in the state championship. It was full of highs and lows but in the end they were eliminated after two games. It was very bittersweet as they could have played better than they did but we were sick of traveling to Globe :) The boys were okay with it as they know it was an honor to make it that far! I wish Aiden could play with that team forever! We had a great time getting to know the boys and their parents. Since we have moved we will have to play with a different league next year and I just hope that we have nearly as much fun!

Aiden receiving his pin
Opening Ceremony

Matt, Robert and Aiden

Ryder, Anthony, Robert, Aiden and Zach

Coach Art, Coach Rob, Coach Mark, Andres, Aiden, Easton, Riley, Ryder, Anthony, Javier, Reed, Robert, Matt, Zach, Jackson, Jake

Go Mesa North Central!

That's right our favorite 1st baseman was able to wear the number of his favorite first baseman!

Anna's a big fan of watching baseball!

Aiden's biggest fans...Coach Chad and Coach Ron...they never missed a game, even drove to Globe!

Aiden's bestie Matt

Aiden and Ryder have played together since Fall 2012

One of Aiden's coaches for All Stars... Mark. He really went over and beyond!

Enjoying a celebratory yogurt stop at Zoyo

Monday, July 8, 2013

December to Present day!

I have always been a procrastinator but not posting anything for 8 months is unacceptable! I apologize to my readers Marina for not keep you posted about the details of our existence! I know it's always so fascinating :) I also apologize to Aiden and Anna for not recording every amazing thing they have said and done for the past 8 months! I have not been MY very best! But because it would take a billion years for me to write about every event that has taken place since November I am going to do my best to summarize! Here it goes:

New Years in Springerville

After Christmas we had the opportunity to spend a few days with Grandpa Dan, Kyle, Ashley and the twins in Springerville. It was a fun filled and busy few days! There were several highlights but one of the faves was shopping at Western Drug which should be considered a tourist attraction. Its the only drug store that I have ever been to that sells guns and prescriptions! Oh and you can buy fabric there too! Gotta love a small town! If you asked the kids they would say their highlight was sledding down a massive hill near Sunrise! Trent nearly broke his tailbone when attempting to sled off a cliff and Aiden almost had a TBI after a pretty rough fall but all in all it was good times in the snow. I think the highlight for Ashley and I was target practice! I have never been a fan of guns...until now! I enjoyed myself a little too much and found out that Ashley and I are a pretty good shot. We saw a little fear in our husbands eyes :) It was a great weekend and we loved being with Grandpa Dan in his cute house! I know he liked having us there but man did we take over his space! It probably made watching us leave a little easier!

Trent after his sledding accident.
Aiden after his accident! He did not move for what seemed like forever! I totally freaked out. As you can see in the next pic he was fine!
Best photo ever! Nothing better than snuggling with Grandpa. Well for everyone but Jackson. He would rather watch TV!

Helping Hands

Anna's darling friend Maddie was so moved by the children at Cardon Children's Hospital when they performed a choir concert there that she came up with the brilliant idea to start a "service" club.  The plan was to organize charity events that would raise money for the children at the hospital or other people in need. At their first meeting each of the members picked an event they would like to host. Anna was first and she chose to hold a bake sale. It was a great event and the girls raised over $300!  I am so proud of these girls and their willingness to help others! The club has been on hold over the summer but I believe the next event will be a fashion show! I'll keep you posted!

The Bishop was one of their best customers!

Field Trip
Anna FINALLY had an opportunity to go on a field trip in May. I say finally because she literally thought it was never going to happen. There are not a lot of FUN moments at Franklin and to Anna school is pure torture! She was thrilled to be getting out of that place for a day! I was fortunate to be able to take the day off and chaperone. The field trip was at the Wells Fargo Museum in Phoenix. Ya I know what you are thinking I had never heard of it either! This was not a place on my bucket list and I think everyone agreed that it was boring but I will admit I learned a few things. The old stagecoach inside the museum is cool and the history was interesting, but you could walk through this place in 15 minutes and we were there for 3 hours! The highlight of the trip for Anna was riding on the bus and lunch :)

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball
It's odd to think that just 1 year ago Aiden was playing little league for the first time and was one of the worst players on the team! I'm not being cruel it's a fact. He played on a team with some seasoned kids and he had a lot to learn. To see where he is now is AWESOME! He has been incredibly lucky to have amazing coaches that encourage him and teach him great skills as well as buddies that make playing fun! The team he played on in the spring was not the best but Aiden had a great season and was able to be one of their star pitchers (who knew???). I had decided to keep Aiden in the minor leagues this year although most of the boys he had been playing with moved up because 1. I wanted him to play with our favorite coach, Ron, and 2. I wanted him to have lots of opportunities... he was able to stay in the entire game and either pitched, played 2nd or short stop. The boys that moved up to majors were the youngest on their team and didn't have the same opportunities. It was a great expeirence and increased Aiden's love of the game. I will admit I am a crazy baseball mom! I  wouldn't miss a game for anything! I do need to be careful about what comes out of my mouth sometimes! I know this is little league but it gets very competitive! I am in huge trouble when he plays in high school!
Detroit Tigers
Some of his "oldest" and best fans! (Sorry I didn't mean you mom!)

4th of July
This year we were lucky to be able to go to Pinetop to celebrate the 4th of July. It was just Anna and I because Aiden had to stay home for baseball and Trent had to work :( We went up with Lisa, Chandler and Hayley. It was such an awesome week and we had a blast! We spent most of our time over at the Woods cabin and we loved spending so much time with our family. They are so fun and it's impossible not to have the best time when you are with them. Every year Jim and Sandy host a huge party on the 4th, with great food and of course darling decorations. There was also a carnival down at the clubhouse and Anna was thrilled to win a fish (which did not make it home to Mesa). There was also impromptu baseball games (in which I showed everyone where Aiden gets his talent) and even a hike to find some treasure! We had a great time and I can't wait to go back next year (yes, I just invited myself)!!

Miss B, Chandler, Presley & Hayley

Anna and Ella had such a blast playing together all week! I sure wish she lived closer!

Anna, Ella, Brooklyn & Presley-Getting ready to go Geo Caching

H, Cave, Ella, Kendall, Brooklyn, Anna & Presley

Treasure Hunters!

2013 has been the year of NEW! There are so many NEW things I will use bullet points:

  • Trent's new job with SRP!!!! NO MORE GYPSY LIFE FOR TRENT! I know it was a huge adjustment (both for our bank and Trent's lifestyle) but it has been amazing! We love having him home every night and best of all he can participate in all the kids activities! This has been such a blessing for our family! I think he is a little bummed at times when he talks to his buddies that are still traveling but I just have to remind him that we can be gypsies again when the kids move out (9 years and counting)....
  • New address! We are in our own home again! While I LOVED living around the corner from my mom it is so awesome to be homeowners again. It would not have been possible without Trent's dad, as he sold us his house! Yep, Trent is living in the house he grew up in :) It's changed a bit since then and we are very happy here. It's a beautiful home that fits us perfectly and we have settled in nicely!
  • New car! I am not putting this in here to be superficial but because it's a more minivan! I really thought I could do the mini van thing! I put in a good effort...really tried to suppress my feelings about mini vans but I just couldn't get used to it! I felt like it aged me and changed my personality! So I am back in a Tahoe and feeling a little bit cooler!
  • My new job! This one was a shocker! I loved Gilbert and the school where I worked! I really had no intention of going elsewhere, but when my INCREDIBLE principal, Mr. Chomokos announced his retirement, and the Gilbert Board of Directors started showing their crazy side I started to consider my options! Then my neighbor across the street told me the SLP at our neighborhood school, Entz, was retiring and although I thought it was long shot I decided to look into it. I was dumbfounded when I was actually offered the job! It was literally the hardest decision I have made in a long time but after several sleepless nights and tears (both from me and my co-worker Annette) I decided to accept the job in Mesa. It's still pretty new to me but so far so good!
  • New kid....we have temporarily adopted a 14 year old! Really she is just an exchange student that is here until May but I do feel like she is a member of this family. I love her and I will dedicate a whole post to her very soon!
  • New home addition...because of the new kid I needed a new craft room so she could have a bedroom! My awesome husband spent 6 very HOT weeks enclosing the AZ room just so I could have a creative space (really it's because I am a hoarder and I need an entire room to store all my crap). He is such a hard worker and never ceases to surprise me with his talents! The room was done very well considering he has never done anything like it! I am sitting in it right now as I type this because it's my favorite place in the house :)
  • New school....after LONG deliberation we decided to have the kids go to their neighborhood school. I love Franklin and I don't think you can beat their curriculum and the level of responsibility they instill in their students! We had a wonderful expeirence there (the kids would disagree but they learned SO much there) and it served it's purpose which was to build a strong foundation. But it has been hard to have them go to a different school than the neighborhood kids and transportation was always a problem(I couldn't have done it with out my mom being their personal bus). When I accepted the job at Entz I knew it was going to be impossible to tell them that I was going to be at their home school but they weren't! Fortunately, it's a great school too and I am confident with our decision. I love having them on my campus! I can help in their classroom and eat lunch with them...although Aiden is getting a little to cool to have his mom sit next to him in the cafeteria.
So yes that's a lot of new but it's not over yet...we are going to have a new niece or nephew....but not until next year! Ashley and Kyle were shocked to found out about their little surprise and I am just glad the new Bevier is theirs and not ours!