Saturday, June 2, 2012

We Are the Champions

I have decided that I am one of those parents who should probably be banned from their children's sporting events! I have a little competitiveness in me that I did not know about and I really was not prepared for the rise in blood pressure, screaming and cheering that a minor league team brought out of me! This was by far the most exciting season ever and youth baseball is way more fun to watch when you actually keep score!

Aiden was on the most incredible team (and I would have said that even if we did not win the Championship)! Not only were the players fantastic but he had the best coaches! Aiden has truly fallen in love with this sport because of his expeirence this season! The coaches gave this team 110% and taught them so much. They were highly motivating and brought out the best in each player. I have never seen so many good ball players! At first it was a bit difficult for Aiden, because these kids have been playing for a while and this really was Aiden first year in the big leagues! He had never played baseball with kid pitchers and he had a real fear of getting hit! Each time he would get up to bat he would freeze like a Popsicle! Then when he went to the batting cages or to practice he would show us that he was a real slugger! The coaches continued to encourage Aiden and work with him and he practiced with a neighbor boy every chance he got. The last few games of the season it really clicked for him and he started swinging! He actually did get hit a few times and he realized it wasn't the end of the world! I was a very proud mom to see him improve so much and really give it his all! He had some great moments!

Throughout the season, Aiden's team was in 1st place! They only lost a couple of games and that was due mostly to getting a little lazy (or cocky :) The playoffs were a double elimination so it was very frustrating when they lost their first game! In order to play in the championships they had one more chance but it was against the team that had beat them twice! This was one of the games when I realized I may not physically be able to handle the stress! Fortunately we not only won but I did not have a heart attack! For the championship game they had to play a double header! WOW, what a night! They played amazing but there were so many moments when I wasn't sure if they were going to do it. The final game started out with them losing 6 to 0! Not only did they end up scoring 9 runs throughout the remainder of the game the other team never scored again after the first inning and the game was called with bases loaded because we reached the 2 hour mark! It was awesome!

Aiden loved his expeirence so much that he actually tried out for All Stars! He was up against the best of the best, so he didn't make it but I LOVE that he tried! I can't thank his coaches and team mates enough for helping Aiden fall in love with the only sport I can stand to watch!

Dad was really excited they won their first game because he drove all the way home from Gila Bend just in time for the final game! It was definitely worth the trip!!
Congrats Mariners! You deserved it!