Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Sing

The kids participated in the Spring Sing last week and of course it was great. Trent was able to make it and I can only hope that the kids realize how loved they are when their dad comes strolling in after a 1.5 hour commute in his work clothes, just to watch them perform. The music teacher at Franklin West is very good and clearly knows what he is doing. The song selections were fun and he really challenges the students. Since Grammie Marina had to have emergency surgery and missed their performances I decided I should post some videos so she can enjoy the performances in the comfort of her home :)


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hip Hop and You Don't Stop

Aiden and Anna participated in a dance recital last weekend and it was well worth the headache of being over-scheduled all year! Aiden has always been my little performer and I knew he would love to take a dance class, so I convinced Trent that a hip hop class would still be manly! We originally signed Aiden up for 2 classes, a hip hop class and a freestyle class but he had to drop the hip hop class after too many conflicts with other activities. He really enjoyed the freestyle class and after the recital he told me he wanted to perform a 100 more times as he loved being on stage! He could definitely use more training but it was obvious he loved it and hey who knows maybe some day he might be a real b-boy (that's right I know my urban slang). Anna took a hip hop class with two of her besties and it was too cute! There is nothing quite like watching a bunch of little kids bust a move! Anna is much more shy then her brother but she totally surprised me at the recital! I thought she would be so nervous when she saw the crowds but she did great! She may have just found her niche. Although, I know that the commit level of a dancer is crazy I would love for her to keep it up! It sure is entertaining!
Coco, Mel and Anna before the big show

Anna decided to go with the "serious" look during the routine

Liz and GG came out to watch our little dancers

"Boys Will Be Boys"

Uncle Adam and Aiden

Grandpa Dan, Aiden, Anna and Miss Mack
Anna's bestie Maddie also performed that night!

Aiden and Anna have a huge support system! We took up two whole rows! Lucky for us Scott and Cara were visiting from New York, Jim and Debbie were in from Seattle and Grandpa Dan made it down from Show Low. Our other guests included Nana and Papa, Ashley, Kyle, Jack and Mack, Adam and his friend Andi, Aunt Liz and GG Fluhr!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter, Easter and more Easter

Strange to think that just last year we were in Durban, hunting for plastic Easter eggs in a hotel room! I remember it did not feel like Easter at all! Well, we made up for it this year and had Easter up to our eyeballs! We started off the Easter weekend with our annual egg dyeing with the Pomeroy side of the family! It was at Aunt Sandy's, and as usual it was a festive event with tons and tons of food! I love traditions and I am so happy that my kids are experiencing the joys of dyeing eggs (and their hands and clothes)!

Sunday morning the kids woke up at the crack of dawn and discovered baskets with lots of goodies! They also discovered empty egg carton's which could only mean that that silly Easter bunny must have hidden the eggs somewhere. Fortunately, that bunny had some time to do that while they got dressed as I convinced them that they would want to be photo ready! Anna was more than happy to oblige as she couldn't wait to put on her new Easter dress (which by the way was hard to find....what was up with the poor dress choices this year?). So after they were all spiffy-ed up they went searching for their eggs. It's always a curious dynamic because although Aiden is older ( and therefore, should have more egg hunting experiences) Anna does much better at finding the eggs. Aiden just typically follows behind her wherever she goes and then gets upset when she finds an egg and he didn't! This was another one of those times when it should have been fun and happy but it ended up with Aiden pouting and Trent losing his patience! Oh well, the pictures say otherwise!

After our egg hunt we headed over to Grammie and Papa Andy's house for brunch! It was fun to see baby Luke on his first Easter! He is getting so big already and every time I am around him I want one! I hoped that his cuteness would wear off on Trent but he thinks that babies make great nieces and nephews! After a yummy brunch, the kids changed into matching outfits Grammie bought them for a little photo shoot! Then they were off to find eggs filled with goodies around the house! It was then time to head off for church! We were happy to have Ashley and the twins and Grammie join us!

Immediately after church we were off to Aunt Sandy's for dinner. Every year, our traditional feast is hamburgers, nothing formal about this dinner! G-pa has always made the burgers but as this family grows (and he ages), it would be insane to expect him to stand over that bbq for hours, so we got Jim to do it! It's odd how they taste just like G-pa's! After everyone was finished eating (and what felt like an eternity to the kids) it was time for our annual egg hunt! This egg hunt is by far our favorite as these eggs are magically filled with cash! G-pa decided to go big this year and each egg was filled with $30, $40 or $50!!!!! Amazing considering there about 35 of us! This has to be one of the most expensive egg hunts ever! Every year it seems like someone does something funny during the hunt, (like putting back an empty egg for someone to find) and this year was no exception as Uncle Phil  found an egg with a $100.00 bill! While the rest of us just laughed, my mother went bananas as she was the one who got all the cash for the eggs and she did not get a $100 bill!  After watching her spaz out for awhile Phil admitted that he put the money in the egg! But the pranks didn't stop then. When it was Michel's turn she picked an egg that only had $2.00! Thanks Jeremy! Oh, how we love to watch her get crazy! All in all, we made out like bandit's and had a great time!

We were all exhausted by the time we got home, but as always the memories make it all worthwhile!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Annual PERA Egg Hunt

Every year, SRP has an Easter egg hunt at the PERA club.  We try to attend as many events there as possible as we always have a great time and we get to spend time with our favorite SRP employee, Grandpa Dan. This year was no exception and the kids and I had a blast. I originally planned to take advantage of a kid free morning and send the kids off with their Grandpa, but I hate to miss out on a good time especially ones full of photo ops! It is moments like these that me so grateful that we live close to our family and get to spend a lot of time together!

Poor Anna was sick...but she was a real trooper!

Miss Mack and Kyle

Grandpa Dan and Jackson

Oh, my little Wacko Jacko...

McKenna, Anna & Maddie

Brendan and Aiden....still not too old and cool to go to an Easter egg hunt!

Aiden eating a sour candy....he make's the best sour face!

Here is Anna looking a bit more like herself!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Let's Play Ball

It's baseball season and Aiden is a big time player now! He tried out for his first year in the minor leagues and was "drafted" by the Mariners.  It has been awhile since he last played baseball and he's a bit rusty, but he loves it and that is all that matters! He is lucky to have some natural athletic ability (clearly not inherited from his mother) and with additional practice and hard work he can be as good as he wants to be! His coach is incredible and requires a lot from his players, so Aiden is having a great expeirence. To date, they have won all of their games! I'm actually hoping they lose one soon because all the players are getting a bit cocky! I will say, it is much more fun to watch little league now that they actually have outs and keep score!
He looks so official in his uniform!
One of the best things about this's sponsored by my grandpa's store: Pomeroy's! G-pa is really happy his name is associated with an undefeated team!

Miss Mack, one of Aiden's biggest fans!

Matt & Kevin are two of Aiden's buds in the neighborhood!

Aiden has the best support system! I am always so amazed that a large portion of the spectators are members of our family!