Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hip Hop and You Don't Stop

Aiden and Anna participated in a dance recital last weekend and it was well worth the headache of being over-scheduled all year! Aiden has always been my little performer and I knew he would love to take a dance class, so I convinced Trent that a hip hop class would still be manly! We originally signed Aiden up for 2 classes, a hip hop class and a freestyle class but he had to drop the hip hop class after too many conflicts with other activities. He really enjoyed the freestyle class and after the recital he told me he wanted to perform a 100 more times as he loved being on stage! He could definitely use more training but it was obvious he loved it and hey who knows maybe some day he might be a real b-boy (that's right I know my urban slang). Anna took a hip hop class with two of her besties and it was too cute! There is nothing quite like watching a bunch of little kids bust a move! Anna is much more shy then her brother but she totally surprised me at the recital! I thought she would be so nervous when she saw the crowds but she did great! She may have just found her niche. Although, I know that the commit level of a dancer is crazy I would love for her to keep it up! It sure is entertaining!
Coco, Mel and Anna before the big show

Anna decided to go with the "serious" look during the routine

Liz and GG came out to watch our little dancers

"Boys Will Be Boys"

Uncle Adam and Aiden

Grandpa Dan, Aiden, Anna and Miss Mack
Anna's bestie Maddie also performed that night!

Aiden and Anna have a huge support system! We took up two whole rows! Lucky for us Scott and Cara were visiting from New York, Jim and Debbie were in from Seattle and Grandpa Dan made it down from Show Low. Our other guests included Nana and Papa, Ashley, Kyle, Jack and Mack, Adam and his friend Andi, Aunt Liz and GG Fluhr!

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