Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Annual PERA Egg Hunt

Every year, SRP has an Easter egg hunt at the PERA club.  We try to attend as many events there as possible as we always have a great time and we get to spend time with our favorite SRP employee, Grandpa Dan. This year was no exception and the kids and I had a blast. I originally planned to take advantage of a kid free morning and send the kids off with their Grandpa, but I hate to miss out on a good time especially ones full of photo ops! It is moments like these that me so grateful that we live close to our family and get to spend a lot of time together!

Poor Anna was sick...but she was a real trooper!

Miss Mack and Kyle

Grandpa Dan and Jackson

Oh, my little Wacko Jacko...

McKenna, Anna & Maddie

Brendan and Aiden....still not too old and cool to go to an Easter egg hunt!

Aiden eating a sour candy....he make's the best sour face!

Here is Anna looking a bit more like herself!


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