Monday, January 6, 2014

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We love Christmas! The reason for the season, the decorations, the weather, the lights, the smells and of course the presents... although I don't love the crazy amount of presents...especially when they rip them open and throw them to the side just to open the next one. So this year we decided to try an idea I saw on Pinterest. The kids list had just four thing to wear, one thing to read, one thing you want and one thing you need! I thought the kids were going to throw a fit when I proposed this idea and instead they LOVED were their lists:

One thing to wear: A new Suit
One thing to read: FableHaven series
One thing you want: a basketball hoop
One thing you need: sports goggles (prescription glasses for sports)

One thing to wear: jacket
One thing to read: Dork Diaries series
One thing you want: electric scooter
One thing you need: electric pencil sharpener

One thing to wear: ASU or Cardinals shirt
One thing to read: Divergent
One thing you want: American Cookbook
One thing you need: slippers

They of course got other things from their family and stuff in their stockings but Santa really stuck to this list and I was very proud! It was a great Christmas and we will definitely be doing this next year!

Our favorite present was Laura's mom Marta and brother Pablo coming to visit. They actually arrived on Christmas Eve and came over first thing Christmas morning. It was so fun getting to meet them and I know Laura was thrilled to see them! The day after Christmas, they went on a whirlwind tour of California and we went to Pinetop with the Steven's family for our annual New Years trip!

Annual gingerbread house decorating with Nana

These two have a small crush on each other!!!!

Live Nativity with the Val Vista Ward

Anna and her bestie Paige

 Aiden's 1st band performance

Aiden getting ready to rock it on the trombone

We love Mr. Trout

Aiden's pals Cole and Cade

Grandma's 90th birthday party

Four generations

Christmas party with Gma Fluhr

Christmas Morning

Laura making homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast

Looking sharp in his new suit! It's good to know people! 

Our newest members of the family...Marta and Pablo

Tennessee who? Pablo is now an ASU fan!!

So fun having Grandpa Dan and Stacey over for breakfast
One of Aiden's favorite jersey from Spain

New Years in Pinetop