Sunday, September 30, 2012

We're so Glad When Daddy Comes Home

Dad working out of the country is not so fun. This really is hard on everyone, especially Trent and the kids. I'm so busy half the time I don't even have time to spend with myself...but the kids are really feeling his absence and Trent, well, Trent's life kinda stinks! All he does is work, sleep and eat! Literally, everyday of the week! Poor guy. The sacrifices he makes for this family are beyond anything a man should be expected to do. I worry about him being away from all of us so much that I really have no time to feel sorry for myself! Home is where he belongs and this situation is anything but ideal. The other day a neighbor stopped by and as we chatted I learned that her father did the same thing as Trent...away 3 weeks home for 1, for 9 years!!!!! This was in the 80s when the economy crashed (hmmm sounds familiar) and it was what he had to do for his family. Sad. A woman that I work with is pregnant with her 3rd child and her husband is deployed in Iraq till February....Sad. This is just the way it goes, I guess. You do what you have to do. I pray everyday that things will change in the future and our family will stay under one roof but until then we make the best of it. Trent NEVER complains. He's my hero.

Trent will be home for a visit in 5 days and 12 hours! We can't wait! And the best part is he will be home for 10 days..WOOT WOOT! Oh the fun we will have....The last time Trent was in town we worked him to the bone, literally! He more than makes up for his time that he's away! He spent most of his time as Mr. Fixer, working on things around the house, going on outings with the kids (like to Amazing Jakes for 4 hours), making us breakfast everyday (he has always been the breakfast cook in this house) and helping me refinish a desk for my craft room! Poor guy...he barely had any time to lay around...hopefully this upcoming visit will be full of relaxation!
Trent is a great cook, especially breakfast foods! He wakes up so dang early that he has usually been to the store and made a three course meal before my eyes even open! This particular morning I woke up to eggs and cinnamon french toast! Yum!

During a random trip to the thrift store down the street we found this giant old desk and hutch. It was only $25.00! I saw the potential immediately while all Trent saw was a huge project! But always one to appease me he spent 2 days making this hunk of junk beautiful!

The finished project! Trent added trim and even picked the paint color. I LOVE IT!  It sure beats working on the folding table I was using before. This thing is so massive Trent had to remove the window in the room in order to get it in! He thinks I am crazy and kind of a pain in the you know what but he had to agree it's pretty darn cool!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Decade Old

It's hard to believe that my baby boy is in the 2 digit numbers! The shear size of him alone is shocking enough! As I reflect on the last 10 years I am amazed at all that he has experienced and the little man he has become. He is so bright and very funny! More than anything he is sensitive and kind. I am especially grateful that his energy level has evened out as he has grown! As I think about the first few years I remember a very bouncy active child! It was difficult to keep up with him and I feared it would affect his ability to concentrate in school! While he is most definitely talkative and the class clown he is doing great in school! He loves to learn and that makes me very happy! I know everyone says that you have to really enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast, but I still can't believe how true that is. Aiden is already at the age where he would much rather be with friends then family. He will literally walk in the door after being gone all day and then turn around and run out to play. I am glad he is social and has great friends, but sometimes I wish he still liked me more :) My favorite time right now is driving him to his football practice. Its usually just the two of us and we chat about anything and everything. I am still amazed by how lucky I am to be blessed with two truly awesome kids! I wish time would slow down a little bit so I could keep them little longer! Who knows what the future holds for this little man, but knowing Aiden the sky's the limit!

Since we had Aiden's party early this year, his actually birthday day was a bonus! Keeping tradition, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast (the kind in the can, of course). Then it was off to school. One thing that is kind of a bummer about Franklin is they don't let us make a big deal about birthdays....but because Aiden wanted everyone to know it was his, he wore a sticker on his shirt that said "It's my birthday"! For lunch his Grammie Marina picked him up and took him to Dairy Queen! It is always a fun treat to get to leave for lunch and especially exciting to spend time with his Grammie! For dinner Aiden chose to go to Serrano's and Papa and Nana came with us. He FINALLY got to open his presents after dinner. My parents and I made him wait to get his gifts until his real birthday. He has anxiously been awaiting and was thrilled to open his I-touch from Trent and I, and the case for it from Anna. But the best present of the night came from Papa! Inside of a very long box was my Grandad Fluhr's 22 rifle! Aiden used it when he went shooting with Trent and Grandpa Dan this summer and my dad thought he should have it! Aiden was very surprised and excited! He is counting down the days until he can use it!

I wish I had started the birthday questionnaire when he was first talking! I love to see his responses and how much they change year to year....

1. Favorite food: cheesburger
2. Least favorite thing to eat: asparagus
3. Favorite thing to do: play with my friends
4. Favorite movie: Transformer Dark of the Moon
5. Favorite TV show: I-Carly
6. Favorite book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
7. What makes you happy: "my dad coming home".
8. What are you really good at: football and baseball
9. What is your favorite color: blue
10. What is your favorite song: Party Rock
11. Who is your best friend: Enoch
12. What do you and your dad do together: wrestle
13. Where is your favorite place to go: Pinetop
14. What do you want to be when you grow up: be in the Army