Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aiden's 7th Birthday!

Aiden turned 7 on August 22nd! He was so excited he could hardly sleep. I could hear him singing in his bed some song he made up about his birthday and turning 7! Since he didn't fall asleep until 9:30p.m. I thought for sure he would sleep in. But much to my displeasure I was woken up at 6a.m. to Aiden saying "I'm the birthday boy, it's my birthday! I'm 7 now!"Since his birthday was on a Saturday we planned his party on his birthday. Unfortunately, his party was scheduled for 4pm so it was a very long wait for Aiden. Although, we had planned on giving him his birthday present after his party we decided it would be best to give it to him in the morning so he would have something to occupy his time! Trent went and picked up the present from his dad's house and snuck it upstairs into Aiden's room. When Trent came back downstairs he said to Aiden "I think I heard a mouse in your room. There were some scratching noises coming from inside your walls." Aiden was freaked out and curious so we all ran upstairs to check it out. Aiden saw the cage sitting on his desk but since he didn't see his new pet he was just confused. Trent told him that he got the cage to trap the mouse and Aiden seemed to believe him. So we looked around for a mouse for a couple of minutes and then Trent opened up the cage and pulled a guinea pig from out of its tunnel. Aiden was ecstatic! He told us it was the best present ever! He named his new pet Bugsy after the guinea pig in Bedtime Stories and its his new best friend. We all took turns holding Bugsy all day long and we are all smitten! Now Anna wants one for her birthday!

For Aiden's birthday we planned a mini carnival! At Hobby Lobby I purchased carnival tent invites, popcorn boxes, tickets, hot dog holders, and all carnival themed accessories! I figured if we kept it small and made all of our own games it would be a reasonably priced party. But of course as the planning process took place I recruited Trent to make some more elaborate games and I went overboard on the decorations and prizes! We had a fishing game, and a ring toss, a golfing game, the toilet toss (in which you have to throw a toilet paper roll into a large toilet Trent made) and a lollipop tree (which was literally a large tree Trent made with holes for suckers). We also had Aiden's grammie doing face painting! The food was very simple as we just served popcorn, lemonade and hot dogs. But the exciting part was the hot dogs were served in the front yard of our home by a real hot dog vendor (my neighbor Shelly's brother)! My mom made the cupcakes (or bought cupcakes and then improved them) and she put them on a board she decorated to make the cupcakes look like a bunch of balloons! Of course Aiden got everything he ever wanted! He got lots of Baku-gan and transformers and a fishing pole! He also got a rip stick which is a skateboard with only 2 wheels which takes a lot of balance and core strength and hours of practice! Overall it was a great party. And although it was a lot of work for a 2 hour party it was worth it! Aiden thanked us a billion times and told us it was the BEST birthday ever!
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