Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anna's 5th Birthday

For Anna's big day we took her and 7 of her best girlfriends to Regency Beauty School for mini-makeovers! Each girl had her hair and nails done and they even had a couple of colorful extensions added to their hair! The girls loved every minute of it and they all acted as if they have done this a million times. Some of the girls even chatted with their stylists the entire time about everything from bugs, to girly things, to how they used to suck their thumb! It was very entertaining to watch each girl sitting there acting so grown up. The girls all chose very funky and colorful nails and each of their hair styles was as unique as they are. The all looked absolutely darling and they knew it too! It wasn't difficult to get them to pose for a picture or two. After we finished with the makeovers we went to Culver's for ice-cream. The girls all sat at a large table eating their sundaes and going through their goody bags my mom put together for them. They loved their groovy glasses, lipstick and blingy rings. After a little parade around the restaurant, to show everyone exactly how cute they are, we went home. All in all it was a wonderful party and of course the very best part was I didn't have to clean my house, set up, take down or cook! (The bear in the pictures is Birthday Bear. He belongs to Anna's kindergarten class and gets to tag along with each student on their birthday!).

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