Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making Friends

My little social butterflies have been on the lookout for kids in the neighborhood to play with as a life without friends is meaningless to them. So every time we spot a child out the window the kids will run down the 3 flights of stairs to try and catch them! Yesterday one got away before the kids reached the bottom and they were very disappointed! Today I spotted a little boy and girl that looked to be the right age walking through the parking lot. I yelled to Aiden and Anna that there were kids outside and my little darlings were dressed and outside faster than lightening! It was so fun to watch them out the window slowly creep toward the children trying to find a way to introduce themselves. The little girl walked up to them and they began talking and then she went back to a group of children a building over. Aiden and Anna watched them for quite sometime and kept looking up at our window for reassurance! Aiden finally walked over to the group but just a few seconds later started heading back home. Anna came running after him. When they came back into the house Anna was beaming and said her friend asked her to walk to the little park but Aiden looked crestfallen. He said the boys told him they didn't want to play and then he started to cry. It broke my heart to see him so sad and confused. Aiden would play with anyone and so I know that he could not understand why these boys would respond this way. Anna went back downstairs with her new friend, Kia, and Aiden just stayed inside sulking. When Anna and Kia came inside to get snacks to take to the park Aiden decided he would go with them. I armed them with tootsie rolls and twizzlers and told Aiden that he will make friends instantly if he offers to share his candy! As I watched out the window I was ecstatic to see Aiden and Anna with 2 girls and 1 boy head over to the park (grandparents, I can see them from my window so don't worry). A little while later Aiden came running back to the house to get a drink and to announce that he has a new friend! They have all been playing together for the last couple of hours and it is such an awesome sight to watch them create friendships so quickly, especially with children from other cultures! A moment ago, I heard Anna calling out to Kia to wait up and I detected a new accent!

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