Monday, September 27, 2010

Anna Banana turns 6

Miss Anna B finally had her 6th birthday! She is feeling quite mature and I am afraid she thinks she just turned 13. Anna celebrated her big day in Cape Town at the Two Seas Aquarium followed by a boat ride around the harbor. It was a treat to see the old fishing boats, massive oil tankers, and commercial cargo ships but the highlight of the tour was observing the sea life.  We were able to watch two seals swim around and others lay around lazily in large tires strapped to the pier. I thought that would be the most amazing sea life we would observe until Trent spotted two whales spouting water about a hundred yards from our little boat.  Even though it is whale season we were still pleasantly surprised to be able to witness two whales playing around so close to the harbor. After our quick boating excursion we ventured around the V&A Waterfront, which is a shoppers paradise! Before heading back to our cottage we stopped at a 50's style diner, Dodge City, for sundaes. Anna ordered the sparkling birthday sundae which included a lit sparkler! That was much more exciting then a plain old slice of birthday cake. It was a rainy, cold day but nothing could put a damper on her royal highness's celebration. I know she is truly my daughter as I can't count the number of times she said "but it's my birthday" as she expected every minute of the day to revolve around her!

Before we left for the Cape, Anna was able to celebrate her birthday with 21 of her classmates at school. Listening to them sing "Happy Birthday" was the cutest thing ever. Their accent makes everything sound better! Anna has made great friends at her school. Her best girlfriends are Cabu, Jess and Jessica and although she hates to admit it I see her playing with a few of the boys just as often as the girls. Anna took cupcakes to class along with goodie bags. I was greeted with huge hugs from each child when I showed up with their treats. You would have thought it was Christmas by seeing how pleased the children were with the sweets and gifts. Anna passed out the cupcakes to her patiently waiting friends and each child responded with "thank you Anna". It was a great little party and of course the best part was there was no clean-up or late stayers!

Because we are out of town for her birthday we let her open some of her presents before we left and she will get to open the rest when we get home. Nana gave Anna a real Barbie (which I refuse to buy here because they cost about $75.00) and she also opened up a mermaid doll and tea set.  All of our gifts were trumped by the $100.00 gift card that was sent by Grandpa Dan and Granny! Anna is so beside herself with the fact that she has R700.00 to spend her she can't decide what to buy first! She has even offered to pay for lunch a few times! All in all, Anna's 6th birthday will be one to remember!

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