Friday, March 4, 2011

Quilting Away the Calories

It has been a little over 6 weeks and I am not only 14 lbs. lighter but stronger and smarter! For the first time in my life I don't feel like I am on a diet but that I have finally learned to eat correctly. I still love food, I have just found that I can love healthy food! There is nothing more exciting to me than finding a new recipe that is full of goodness and tastes like heaven! There is a cafe here that has the best salads ever and it has become a treat for me to go there and order one! This is very very strange for me as normally, I would consider a splurge to be a dozen chocolate chip cookies! It is such a relief to be able to go out to eat without that panic of what should I order, as I have finally learned how to choose appropriate foods even while dining out! The other night, we went to a burger joint (which could have been a disaster) and I ordered the ostrich burger (which is delicious and extremely lean) and then took off the top bun. I enjoyed it just as much as I would have if it was a double with cheese!

I am still working out with Terrance the trainer. In fact I have actually increased my time with him and see him 3 days a week now. While I still dread it and hate all 60 minutes, I love seeing and feeling the results. I will never been one of those people who is addicted to working out and LOVES it, but I know it's important and it is becoming less of a struggle to get my rear end to the gym.

Because I spend most of my time at home (near a kitchen) I have discovered ways to fill my time and keep my hands busy so they can't shove food into my face. One of the other women here, Carol, is a quilting expert (literally, she teaches classes on this stuff). She has taught me so much and with her help I finished my first quilt top (I made it with a darling Halloween jelly roll I bought at Scrapbook etc.) and a table runner that actually had an intricate pattern. I am in the process of starting another quilt and I am totally hooked. It is such an amazing expeirence to watch the little pieces come together into something bigger and to know I did that! It is the perfect hobby for me in this time in my life, especially considering having food anywhere near fabric is a bad idea. I have been blog stalking and I am blown away by the talented quilters out there that have made quilting cool and trendy. You have to check out and These are just two of the many websites featuring some incredibly talented quilters.

Yesterday at a crafting expo I actually purchased some yard and knitting needles. Not only can Carol quilt the woman can knit a sweater, in just days, that should be sold in a store! I have always wanted to learn and figured now is the time. I do have to laugh when I think about what I am doing to fill my days...quilting and knitting, who knew?

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  1. The quilt looks amazing Sarah! I made one quilt in the past and it turned out great----I just had to sew and unpick so many times. Not to mention that the machine would always get stuck because of the way the thread was feeding. What a great hobby to have!