Friday, May 4, 2012

Graduation Day

Why is it that you never truly enjoy anything until after it is over? The last couple of years (minus SA of course) have been the most trying, stressful and exhausting years of my life, yet looking back I loved it and it was well worth it!

Today I graduate from ASU with a Master of Science Degree in Communication Disorders. This is an achievement I dreamed about when I started college in 1997 but with a husband, children and a couple of moves I wasn't sure if I would actually reach my goal! And here it is...the day when I am handed a shiny piece of paper with an imaginary big red bow! This really is a gift and I know how lucky I am that the stars aligned and I was able to have this opportunity and experience. I am ready for my future and the endless possibilities. I am also ready to give my kids back my time and energy and relinquish my parents from their second go around at parenthood. I of course have to thank everyone for their love and support and those that really made this possible (you know who you are)! This truly was a joint effort and I VOW to make a difference and change lives....this will be the gift that keeps on giving!


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