Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Celebrating Dads

We love our dad!  He works extremely hard (literally 7 days a week, 12 hours a day) and sacrifices so much to give us a great life! Although, he had to work on Father's Day he made the 2 hour drive home from Gila Bend that evening so we could at least make him dinner! The kids took silly pictures of themselves and we decorated the house with the pics and banners to make it a special day all about dad! The kids also filled out questionnaires about dad! It's always fun to get their perspective and to see how well they know their dad!

My dad also came over for dinner and I was grateful that I could celebrate with him as well! I love my daddy too! He does a TON for me and has really stepped in to replace Trent in his absence. It has really paid off to live down the street from him as he comes over daily just to water my plants!

Our other Dads were out of town and while they weren't physically here they were in our hearts! We are very blessed to be surrounding by great men!

PhotobucketPhoto props courtesy of Paper Coterie

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  1. What BEAUTIFUL!!!!! children those two are.. Oh yea and Sparky too.

    Love Grammie