Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome Home Dad!

After a very long 2 months, Trent finally came home for a visit on December 14th! Although, we had originally thought he would work for 3 weeks and then come home for 1 week, he ended up working 2 months straight and it was a very long time to have our dad away from home. I didn't even realize how much I missed him until he came back! It is so nice to have him around again!

He brought home a lot of pictures so that we could see where he has been sleeping and working. He has been staying on a barge in the Toba inlet which is just off the coast of Vancouver. His room is not much bigger than a closet with just a twin bed and a desk. They do have a chef on the barge so he has been eating better there then he does at home! He is working and sleeping in the middle of nowhere! There is nothing around but green trees, water and mountains. The weather conditions are brutal as it is typically 0 degrees and when its not raining, its snowing or the air is thick with fog. Trent and the other lineman are installing and working on power lines on the sides of mountains. In order to gain access to most of the power lines they are flown in by helicopters. Unlike work in the Valley, there is no way to get bucket trucks anywhere near the lines, so Trent has to strap on the climbing gear and climb more than 100 ft poles. The only benefit of this tough climb, is the view is absolutely incredible! Although, Trent is working long days, 7 days a week he is enjoying the adventure of this job. He is learning new ways of doing line work and he has never worked in such rugged conditions. He has seen several black bears, stood just feet away from large deer, caught a 20 lb. salmon with his bare hands and witnessed an avalanche. He has made a lot of new friends and says the Canadian guys are genuine and easy going. Although, he missed us while he was away and literally counted down the days until he came home he wouldn't trade this experience for anything. He is able to be home for 1 month and finally has some time to rest! He will return to Canada on January 9th and will continue working there until the job is completed sometime in February or March. As much as we all wish he could work closer to home, we are fortunate that he has a job at all! This economy is forcing everyone to make changes in their lives and all we can do is our very best!

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