Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baseball Season

I am not much of a sports fan but if there is one sport I actually understand and can watch, its baseball! So naturally I signed up the kids for the only sport I can bear to sit through. And what is more entertaining than watching 15 five year olds chase a ball! This was Anna's first year playing and although, she looked adorable in her uniform I could tell immediately her heart wasn't in it! She was the only girl on her entire team and while some ladies would have liked those odds she felt a bit out of place. She was a great little slugger and put as much effort as she could exert to run around the bases but when she was in the outfield she just stood there looking bored! It did not help that kindergarten is exhausting, and she just didn't have much left to give! Unfortunately, even the shiny new trophy she received was not enough to entice her into playing again next year and she has sworn off baseball forever!

Aiden on the other hand is definitely in his element. He is a natural athlete (thanks to Trent's gene pool) and did great for his first year of coach pitch! It took him a little while to really understand the logistics of the game, but he was a great team player and definitely held his own! With some practice he may turn out to be really good. I was so grateful that Trent was around for the majority of the season. I was a little surprised that I was the one yelling, "get that bat up", "watch the ball", "RUN" much more than Trent, who just sat back quietly and let Aiden figure it out on his own. My parents helped with the sideline banter and along with Trent's parents made a nice cheer squad for the kids at every single game!

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