Saturday, October 23, 2010

Instant BFF's

Aiden has always been my little social butterfly, while Anna is a bit more shy (how I have a shy child at all is beyond me).  But lately, Anna has begun to emerge from her cocoon and literally searches for a friend wherever she goes! On the plane ride to Cape Town, Anna sat in front of two darling 12 year old girls from Mpumalanga, close to Kruger. They chatted the whole 2 hour flight and it was so amusing to listen to Anna answer their questions about America! At one point I heard her say to the girls “did you know that Hawaii is smaller than Africa”! When we landed the girls asked my permission to take pictures of Anna. It was a riot to watch Anna strike a pose every time the camera was aimed at her. The one little girl told me she was going to take the pictures of Anna to her school to show everyone the little American girl they met!
Just a few days later we went to a beach nearby and shortly after we arrived there Anna noticed a little girl in front of one of the beach houses. She immediately ran over and tried to get the girls attention and ask her if she wanted to play. The little girl came down a bit later and they were holding hands and giggling together within minutes. What an incredible sight to watch two little girls from opposite sides of the world become instant BFF’s!

At the lodge where we stayed for the game drive, Anna met Kaitlyn, who was also 6 and from Australia. Again, they were best friends immediately, and spent every waking minute together! Anna and her new friend were so very much alike, sassiness and all!  Aiden didn’t mind playing with Kaitlyn either and I am pretty sure she had a bit of a crush on him!

At the airport on the way back to Johannesburg, Anna announced that she would find another friend while we waited. Sure enough just 30 minutes before we boarded a little girl named Shannon sat down with her family right across from us. Without any trepidation Anna walked over to her offered her a sucker and asked if she could see her sticker book!  I also enjoy meeting people wherever I go, but I envy Anna for the ease in which she can engage in a conversation and create instant friendships! Oh to be young!

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