Monday, June 20, 2011

Still Cool ???

One of the advantages to moving back to AZ was that I had a fairly decent ride to come home too! After driving a clunky clown car around SA for several months, my Camry felt more like a Lexus in comparison! But after a couple of trips in the car with Aiden and Anna plus their friends or cousins double buckled in the back seat I second guessed my economical decision to buy a car two years ago.  Since I only have two kids I assumed a car would be sufficient, however, they are a little close for comfort and the constant "he's touching me" is annoying! This combined with the lack of room for extra guests prompted my decision to trade up (in size)!

If there was ever one thing I was certain of it was that I would never be caught dead driving a mini van! I am not sure what it is about a mini van that makes me shudder at the thought, but I am guessing it has something to do with the very blah exterior and the image of sliding doors with kids piling out. Mini vans just seem to be correlated with "dorky soccer mom" and since I still consider myself a fresh out of high school twenty something there was no way I was jumping into that abyss. Never say never! Thanks to some friends of mine who decided to break all stereotypes and bravely enter the mini van realm first, I was convinced that maybe it was worth losing a little piece of myself! Once you get past the exterior you find a roomy, comfortable, highly equipped interior! It drives like a car, is slightly better in gas than a Tahoe and is there anything better than pushing a button to open doors? So after A LOT of inner personal struggle I conceded and purchased a fancy Honda Odyssey! HA HA HA! The jokes really on myself, because I actually love it! It is fun to drive and because the inside is fairly nice and I can't see what I look like in it, I forget that I'm now a dorky soccer mom. I have also learned a little bit about good ole humility! While I still cringe at the thought of pulling up to some of my hipper friends houses to drive them out to dinner in my new ride, I realized that I am not what I drive! I learned a little bit about that in my Hyundai Atos in SA and finished the lesson in my new Odyssey! I don't know why I still, at this old age of 32, get caught up with appearances and letting material things define me! You would think after all I witnessed in SA I would get a clue! So the mini van has grounded me, but like Jodi Adam's license plate reads on her mini van, I'm still cool.....right?

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