Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#1 Dad

Anna had it set in her mind that she was going to give her dad a Droid for Father's Day. She had seen a commercial about a dad daydreaming about his daughter buying him a new cell phone and she was convinced Trent wanted one too. Unfortunately, she doesn't understand that there is a little something called "new every 2" at Verizon and her daddy isn't due for a new phone until January. She was extremely mad at me when she ran in to my room Sunday morning at 7:15, demanding to know where dad's Droid was so she could give it to him when he got back from golfing, and I had to tell her I couldn't get him one. I didn't realize she thought I actually ordered it! She had even told all her Nana that she was giving her dad a Droid and that it was coming in the mail. I felt so bad!!! Even though I was a little irked to be woken up with so much drama I jumped out of bed and started searching the internet for ideas of Father's Day gifts she could give him instead! It took her awhile to get over the Droid but she finally consented to a BBQ apron! Nothing like a little last minute gift making! I spent the morning whipping up a denim apron and after church the kids painted it! It was ready just in time for him to use it! Our lucky daddy barbecued his own dinner as we were having over my family and had decided on bbq chicken! He was a great sport and wore his apron with pride along with a fancy paper crown Anna made him at church! That along with a little toolbox Aiden made him at a Home Depot clinic made for some pretty great gifts for a pretty great dad!

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  1. That is hilarious! Look at you whipping up an apron! Impressive! Kevin got the same crown from Elle :)