Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Remembering Granny

This last week has been emotionally draining as we have experienced a great loss in our family. My wonderful mother-in law (Trent's step-mom) Donna passed away last Sunday, very unexpectedly, and this has truly rocked our world. While I know some of the heaviness I am feeling is my own sadness I am truly burdened by what my father-in-law Dan, brother-in-law Brian, Grandpa Bud, and the grandchildren who worshiped her are going through.  She was a huge presence in all of our lives and therefore the void of her physical absence is significant.

Over the past week, Aiden and Anna have shared some incredible memories of their Granny and I am so grateful they have so many stories! They (along with their cousins, Brendan and Maddie) were fortunate to have a sleepover with Granny the night before her passing, and wow what a night! It started with a mani and pedi and ended with Oreos at midnight! In true Granny fashion, the kids stayed up way passed their bed time, playing video games, eating junk food and playing dress up with her jewelry and clothes! When the kids finally did go to sleep, the girls (encouraged by Granny) used every blanket in the house to make a bed on the floor next to Granny's! Could there be a better last memory?

I too have my own memories, which include awesome trips to Mexico, New Jersey and Hawaii, elaborate and over the top Christmas's and our once traditional Sunday afternoon dinners. I will treasure memories of us dancing around our husbands (since neither of them dance) on several occasions! Donna was truly the life of the party and it was impossible not to have fun when she was around! I will never hear a Jimmy Buffet song without thinking of Donna and I may just become a Yankees fan in her honor! I am grateful to have known her  and that she was apart of our lives. She will be very missed!

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