Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Newest Addition????

Even though we don't have the best track record with pets, we decided it was time to get a dog! The kids and Trent begged and begged and somehow convinced me we needed one! After Jack Woo and Delila (our last two dogs) I decided we should probably do a little research to find a dog that would be a good fit for our family (or at least one I could handle). I took some survey's online and go figure every dog that fit my profile was small and lazy! I knew I wanted to adopt and I preferred an adult dog, so I starting searching on Craigslist. I was surprised when after just a week I found what seemed like the perfect addition to our family...half English Bulldog, half Basset Hound or what they call a Bullhound! He was 4 years old, house broken and good with children...better yet he was free to a good home! I was sold! I called immediately, and was told by the dogs owner that there was a family that was interested but if it didn't work out I was next on the list! With fingers crossed, I patiently waited for the call to come so we could meet our new pup! I was smart enough not to tell the kids about the dog so they wouldn't get their hopes up too! I was thrilled when the following day I got a call that the other family hadn't made a decision yet so he was as good as ours! When we met Koby it was love at first sight! He is a funny little mix but that is what makes him so cool!

Our first night with the dog was ROUGH! I knew he would be a little whiny as he adjusted to his new home, but I wasn't prepared for a thunder storm to come and cause Koby to bark and jump around in fear all night long! Needless to say no one in our house got any sleep that night! Fortunately, it didn't take long before Koby felt right at home and everything was going perfectly.... UNTIL.....we had a major incident that caused us to question whether or not Koby was going to be able to stay living at the Bevier's. The previous owner had told us that Koby can get a bit anxious around men and to make sure we slowly introduce him to Trent and my dad and to always keep him on a leash when in public. The first few times Koby met my dad he would sniff his hand but wouldn't get to close and appeared nervous. I decided to take him over to my dad's house to see if he would be more comfortable around my dad in neutral territory. It seemed to help and he finally let my dad pet him! Thinking that Koby was finally getting used to my dad I let my guard down a bit and was completely caught off guard when a few days later he attacked my dad, biting through his jeans, causing a huge welt on my dad's thigh. It was very surreal as it was totally unprovoked. My dad was just standing there talking to me in my living room when Koby ran over to him and quicker than lightening latched on and wouldn't let go! My first thought was this dog has to go, there is no way I can have a dog I don't trust. But after the shock wore off and Koby turned on his adorable and loving charm I reconsidered as he is such a good and loving dog to the kids and I. I was also feeling an obligation to try to find a better solution than just giving up on him. Unfortunately, we had another incident just a few days later when on a walk a man asked to pet Koby and before I could respond Koby bit the man on the knee. UGG! I know it should be a no brainer and the dog has to go, but I'm not kidding when I say this is a seriously great dog (when he is not around big men!!!). I don't really like animals very much and I am totally in love with this dog. I am so torn on what to do. I am hoping that a Vet or a Trainer can help us fix this negative side of Koby...Otherwise we are going to have to place him in a shelter or worse put him to seems like an awful thing to do but so is his being a threat to others! The kids are heartbroken that he may not be able to stay, thus making my decision that much more difficult! One thing I have decided is if he does go I will not be getting another dog anytime soon!!!!
look at how sweet he is with Paisley...

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