Thursday, July 7, 2011

The next Michael Phelps?

Aiden, Brody, Case, Katie
Swim team just finished for the summer, and I am so grateful Aiden was able to participate! I thoroughly enjoyed watching him swim and seeing his improvement each time he jumped into the water! He has always been a little fish, starting swim lessons at 11 months, but there is a big difference between recreational swimming and competitive! My expectations for Aiden were that he would get some exercise, have a little fun, and maybe get a ribbon or two and he surpassed that by a mile! In order for Aiden to compete in the finals he needed to finish in the top 8 for his age group at the semi-finals. It was so exciting to watch him race in both freestyle and breaststroke and I was pleasantly surprised when he finished 6th and 4th! Not only was he able to race the following night in the finals he was guaranteed a medal in both events! Aiden also competed in the 100 IM at the semi-finals. I couldn't believe he was expected to swim four laps and I was a bit nervous he would exhaust himself quickly and then struggle to finish! Although, he didn't medal in the IM, he swam his butt off and beat his preliminary time by 22 seconds! The following night Aiden competed again and received a 5th place medal in freestyle and a 4th place medal in breaststroke!!! Pretty cool! I always assumed he would be an athlete, possibly playing soccer like his dad or football since he is built like a linebacker but I am now convinced that he could be a great swimmer too! And with a lot of practice, who knows....maybe the Olympics one day!!!


  1. Olympics...Absolutley!! He did so great this summer and Brody loooooved having his cousin on the team with him! How about fall swim...?

  2. yes I definitely want to do fall swim! Please let me know the details!!