Friday, December 9, 2011

So Thankful

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. . . I mean what could be better than a holiday created for one big feast! And, of course, I love the idea of a day dedicated to gratitude! First thing in the morning Aiden suggested we all go around and say what we are thankful for:

I said: "I am grateful for a daddy that works so hard for us and is willing to do whatever he has to do to provide for his family. And I am especially grateful that he is home right now!".

Trent said: "I am grateful that Aiden and Anna were so good for their mom while I was away (he obviously wasn't a witness to the past months of chaos) and for mom handling all the responsibilities at the home front while I have been away!".

Anna said: "I am grateful for mom and dad and that dad could come home".

Aiden said: "I am grateful for the scriptures and the church" (wow...nothing better than lessons about priorities from your children).

Holidays in AZ are always very very busy (which is why sometimes we like to move very far away). As whiny as this sounds I tend to get a bit anxious about the big holidays because there are so many houses we need to go to! I know, I know, some people have no one to spend their holidays with and me having too many is not really a reason to complain! I always try to be fair but it's hard and of course we love to see everyone so we tend to stretch ourselves out a little thin. This year worked out perfectly. I was able to spend time with my mom's side of the family the night before Thanksgiving at El Charo! It was great to see Phil and Wendy, and my famous adorable cousin Madison as I haven't see them forever! I sat with all the kids (and Madison) and laughed the entire time! I have a very cute and funny family! I was bummed to not have Thanksgiving at Sandy's the following day, but El Charo is better than turkey anyway, so it was a perfect way to celebrate!

Thanksgiving day we had dinner at Dan's and Marina's houses so needless to say we ate a lot!!!! It was a bittersweet dinner at Grandpa Dan's as Granny was very missed! There was defiantly the feeling that someone very special was missing, but leave it to Maddy to remind us all that Granny is always with us in our heart! Dan made an incredible dinner (as usual) and I love being apart of their traditional dinner than includes spaetzels and gravy instead of potatoes!

After stuffing ourselves at Grandpa Dan's we headed to Papa Andy's and Grammie Marina's! Everyone was too full to eat, but I couldn't pass up the sweet potatoes and rolls! Then of course I tried to save room for dessert! After dinner it was so fun to sit around with the family and joke around and laugh. Aiden really wanted to play a game, and while he couldn't convince anyone but Grammie Sunshine to play an official board game he did start an impromptu game of "would you rather"...always interesting especially when the questions are made up! As I sat there looking around at our siblings and nieces and nephews I had that feeling of I better have a couple more kids or our house at the holidays might be very boring! It was a wonderful day, and as always I am very thankful for our family!

Thanksgiving at El Charo (thanks Lindsey for letting me steal your photos!)

Aunt Wendy, Ledger & Anna

Presley, Cave & H.C.

Case, Brody, Ledger & Aiden

Aunt Sandy & Madison
Wayne & his girlfriend Melissa
Uncle Phil & Brody

Thanksgiving at Grandpa Dan's
Jackson and Sparky!

Cousin Maddy with Anna Banana

Is there anything better than watching the men make the dinner?

Cousin Brendan and Aiden

Who needs pie?

Uncle Adam in the house!

Uncle Brian and Pop-pop

The Bevier boys...where's Kyle when you need him
Oh there's Uncle Kyle...playing ball with Jacks!
Thanksgiving at Papa Andy's & Grammie's
Aunt Ashley (who just got off her all day nursing shift!) and Grammie Sunshine

Uncle Brett & Aunt "Ina" with baby to be Luke (practicing parenthood with baby Sparky)
Aiden just chilling with his Papa Andy!

Aunt Jill & Uncle Matt


  1. Are you kidding me... Madison is your cousin! I just watched him on Millionaire Matchmaker! LOL Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving. And yes, no complaining about having too many people to spend Thanksgiving with! ;)

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