Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Sing

Aiden and Anna participated in their school's Winter Sing last night. I probably wouldn't have included an entry of a typical annual school concert, except that Anna was so darn excited I just had to write about it! She has been counting down the big event for a week with daily reminders and demanded that I buy her something new and fancy, preferably in velvet and fur! You would have thought she had a solo debut! The day of the concert she wanted me to curl her hair and as she got dressed she told me that her classmates weren't even going to recognize her! On the way to the concert Aiden wanted to stop and get something to eat but Anna was so concerned about getting there on time she begged us not to stop. The concert was at Westwood Highschool (strange feeling to be back in that auditorium) and while it is larger than an elementary school gym it was still not big enough for an entire schools family! I was grateful Anna wanted to get there extra early so we were able to get a decent seat. Overall, it was a great concert. The music teacher is really good and I loved all the songs. The concert was very organized and really efficient for so many kids! And while I could hardly see Anna among the other 90 kids in her grade, she looked pretty darn fancy up there on that stage!

It is very fun having Aunt Kristina teach at Franklin because then she has to be at all the events!

Anna was sooo happy to see her dad! She was afraid he wouldn't make it. But he made it back from Tucson just in time!

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