Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Anna has been trying a variety of activities in search of something that should would like to devote her energy too...tball, dance, tumbling, choir, you name it we have tried it! So when she said she wanted to try soccer I was thrilled and hopeful! Soccer is her daddy's game and such a great sport for keeping you fit and healthy so my fingers were crossed that she would like it! And she did! She seems to have her daddy's affinity for the game and some natural talent! She needs some work on her overall endurance (wow, there's a lot of running in this game) but she is aggressive and picked up the skills quickly! Trent coached the team and that was an awesome expeirence too! This is the first time he has been able to coach one of the kids and I love that he was able to spend so much time with her! It was really tricky with his work schedule, but he did what he had to to make it work! Being that this was the first time he coached for AYSO, Trent was given a lot of new players. After the first few games, it was clear that the Panthers were going to be the underdogs! But they never gave up! They worked hard and made improvements every single game! And as we know perseverance pays off...they won their very last game :) You would have thought we won the state championship when that winning goal was made!!!! People were even cheering from the next game over! It was a fun season and a great expeirence! Can't wait till next year!


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