Saturday, October 26, 2013

Feliz Cumpleanos

In honor of Laura's 15th birthday we threw her a party! It is amazing how many friends she has made since her arrival! There must have been over 30 teenagers here! I had never thrown a party for a teenager so I wasn't sure what to expect! I had way to much food (duh I forgot that teenage girls don't eat in front of boys) and over planned activities (duh I forgot that kids just sit around and talk!). Even though they would have been comfortable just hanging out I did make them do some karaoke for my benefit and we surprised Laura with a pinata (Anna's idea!). Laura got a kick out of the blindfolding and hitting it with a bat as I found out this is not how they do it in Spain (there they just pull a string)! The night ended with a scary movie (in honor of Halloween)! It was a great night and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!! Hopefully this will be a birthdays she never forgets! (My one regret...we had so much fun I hardly got any pictures!!! Thank goodness there was a photo booth so we got a few...)

There were several boys at the party...he's the only one that would pose for a picture!


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