Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Love this holiday! I really think Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love the decorations, the costumes and of course the candy! I have been lucky to work in schools that still allow us to dress up and even have a parade (more and more schools are not allowing this tradition :( So my team and I dressed up as the grammar police! Because of Aiden's glasses we thought he would make a perfect Clark Kent and Anna wanted to be a goddess! Laura enjoyed her first REAL Halloween as even though they celebrate the holiday in Spain it is on a much smaller scale! She dressed up as a cheerleader from Glee! Very cute! In honor of the holiday we also went to a pumpkin patch and maintained our tradition of carving pumpkins (this was a first for Laura). 
And of course there was the Trick or Treating! The kids hit up most of the neighborhood and filled up a pillow case! I on the other hand was on a diet and did not eat one piece of candy! That was a first for me!!

Anna with her besties...Kylie and Paige

Anna with the most amazing teacher ever...Mrs. Ryland!! We are so lucky to have her!!

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