Friday, November 29, 2013

The First Thanksgiving

When we purchased Trent's family home we missed the fine print: "family gatherings will always be held in this house"! So in order to honor the agreement we hosted our first Thanksgiving! I'm not going to lie I was very nervous about taking on such a huge responsibility! There is a lot of pressure in providing such a monumental feast...especially when the guests have high standards based on previous experience! Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite and family what could be better! But I love going to other peoples home! Fortunately, Trent's dad offered to help us with the Turkey and I am a good delegator so all the guests brought a portion of the meal. It ended up being a great day and everything turned out surprisingly well! This was also Laura's first Thanksgiving so it was an extra special day!

Grandpa Dan is a great teacher! Love watching these men in the kitchen!

Trent made a top for the pool table! It was the perfect setting for our 20+ guests!

Brendan is getting way to big way to fast! 

Anna and Miss Maddie!

Maddie and Laura got them honor of breaking the wishbone...Laura got the bigger piece! Hope she made a good wish!

I found the turkey crayon holder idea here...the kids loved decorating their place settings!

We love our cousins

The very best thing about Thanksgiving weekend..the ASU vs UofA game!

Laura's first ASU game and the best one of the year...and we won!!!!!

The kids were very helpful...removing the extra parts inside the cavity...gross!

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