Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Up Up and Away

Since this entire experience has been one big "out of the box" adventure I decided to face one of my biggest fears (heights) and take a short ride in a hot air balloon over the Monte Casino in Sandton. Anna and Trent were really excited to go while Aiden was just as nervous as I was and required some convincing! I managed to stay cool and calm until we were about 50 feet off the ground and then my heart began to race and I felt my knees buckle underneath me! I held on to the side rails for dear life and not wanting to freak the kids out took quick short breaths through a fake smile! Once we got about 150 feet high the guy flying the balloon announced we could walk around! Ha! I was trying to remain composed and standing, I had no intention of letting go of the rail or attempting to move my very planted feet! Aiden, who was originally quite weary about the ride was walking around and shouting to the people down below how awesome it was to be up there! The view was absolutely breathtaking and I am grateful to have seen the city from that vantage point...but I was more grateful when the balloon landed and I was safely back on the earth!

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