Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally Back to School!

It has been a very long summer break for Aiden and Anna, since they have not been in school since April, and today was long over due! After much deliberation they started 1st and 3rd grade again at Benjamin Franklin West. I am very fortunate to have such flexible kids as I am not sure how I was able to convince them to not only repeat their grades (they never actually completed 1st and 3rd since the school year in SA is different) but to also go to a new school outside of their neighborhood! You would think these kids were in a military family as they have yet to stay in the same school for more than one grade! Hopefully, for their sake, we stay put and they can stay at Franklin for a few years!

Aiden and Anna with Aunt Kristina
The kids woke up extra early today and where dressed and ready to go an hour before it was time to leave! There would be lot more peace in this home if every morning were like this! I could tell Anna was nervous about starting school because she was moody moody moody this morning! WOW! Anna is also much more like her dad, and does not think highly of school, so she was not excited at all! Aiden on the other hand is much more like me and couldn't wait to go back! Even after all these years, I am still excited to go back to school and can't wait to start next week! Since I am only working 3 days a week, I was able to have today off and take the kids to school on their first day.  One of the perks of attending Franklin, is their Aunt Kristina teachers 5th grade there and it was so fun to see her this morning and have her show us around! I know it is a huge comfort to the kids to have a family member on campus!

There were no tears today and even though I waited right by the classroom door to make sure Anna was okay she didn't even look back at me! I was very relieved that we did not have a repeat of her 1st day in SA! I can't wait to pick them up and find out how it went! I think this is going to be a very good year!

In preparation for their return I asked them some questions and here are their responses:

#1 What are your hopes for this school year?

Anna: "I meet lots of friends, that it will be fun and that nobody bees mean to me. Oh and that I will be good and the teacher will like me."

Aiden: "To have fun and get smart."

#2 What is your favorite subject?

Anna: "The playground."

Aiden: "Math and Science." (not my child)

#3 What do you think you will learn this year?

Anna: "Lots and lots of math."
Aiden: "Lots and lots of math." (I interviewed them separately, and they responded the exact same:)

#4 How do you feel about going to Franklin?

Anna: "I feel weird because I only know one person (a little girl from church). But it will be a good school."

Aiden: "Very weird."

Aiden is already at that age where he is embarrassed to take pictures and refused to pose for longer than 1 second, especially if anyone was around!

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