Friday, August 26, 2011

In Way Over My Head

After a one year leave of absence (oh how did that go by so fast) I have returned for my last year of grad school! My first class of the semester, was Neuroanatomy and as I sat there among 50 1st year master students fresh out of undergrad and nearly a decade younger than myself, I felt a little out of sorts! As the professor began to lecture I than felt out of my league! What was supposed to be review and probably was for all the eager beaver newbies, was practically new information to me! I have not had an anatomy class for over 5 years and it was never my best subject anyway! Just the mention of neurons and axon potentials gave me such overwhelming panic I wish I had access to Xanax! I could only hope that the other students were as lost as I was but that hope was squashed when several of them were able to respond to the professors questions without a moments hesitation! The only fortunate incident the whole day was that I sat next to one smart cookie and she was able to dumb things down for me during a couple of group activities. I kept telling myself that I would be okay as I have pretty good memorization skills and they may be the one thing to get me through this course! So while I may not learn anything I may be able to regurgitate a few answers onto a test. My BS skills are also going to be applied in this course, because I already have a paper to write about the clinical implications of glia cells and I don't even know what those are! Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

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