Sunday, October 23, 2011

Football Season

I have always thought that Aiden was built like a linebacker so we decided it was time to test his talents! A few weeks ago, he started playing flag football and Saturday he had his first game of the season! It was very exciting! I loved watching him play and I am starting to think football may be my new favorite sport! Aiden's coaches are great and he has learned so much in just a few short weeks. Although, they lost their first game, the Hawkeyes did their best and Aiden showed great promise as he was able to de-flag (terminology ?) someone just steps away from a touchdown! At this stage in the game, each kid is able to play all positions, so I was a little confused why Aiden was never the quarterback. When I asked him about it, after the game was over, he said he told them he didn't want to be the quarterback as he doesn't feel like he can throw very well and he didn't want to let the team down! I told him not to worry about that as it was pretty clear everyone can use a little practice! While I know he is only 9 and he isn't even playing with the big boys yet I can only hope that he will love the game enough to at least play in high school. He is also taking piano and hip hop right now, so for all I know he may become a concert pianist or a dancer, but for Trent's sake I kind of hope its a linebacker!

Even in flag football there are still injuries! Aiden got a little bump on the noggin after diving for a flag!

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