Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rain Gutter Regatta

Seeing as Aiden is my only boy and I was never a boy scout I know absolutely nothing about the Boy Scout Program. Having brothers I remember them getting badges, going to camp and learning to tie knots but that's about it! It has been very fun to learn about the program with Aiden and see all the cool things he gets to do. Each week he has an activity and he loves going. He looks so cute in his blue shirt and scarf and hat, very official! Last Thursday, he had his first big pack meeting which was a very exciting night because they were able to race boats they had made. Due to Trent's absence (we sure do miss our daddy) papa stepped in and helped Aiden put together his kit. Papa even went to the boy scout store and bought Aiden some very cool stickers to decorate the sail. The boat turned out great! Aiden's first race was kind of a bummer as the boat kept tipping over causing him to lose. But with each heat he was able to figure out the best method for blowing just the right amount of air through the straw in just the right spot and he started to win! The times of each race were averaged to determine the winner. I was shocked when Aiden came in 3rd place! Very impressive! Even though everyone is a winner..blah blah was a pretty cool victory for Aiden and his papa!

Crystal, Anna & Natalie are a great audience for their big brothers!

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