Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our little Star

The moment she has been waiting for…Anna was finally chosen as “Star of the Week”! She was so happy and excited you would have thought she won a major contest! Each week up until now, she has come home very disappointed that another student was chosen instead of her! She took it very personally and was just itching for her chance to shine! Then the Friday before Fall Break her teacher announced that Anna Bevier was going to be the class star when they returned. As she reenacted the moment the announcement was made in class, she even showed me her exact response, which was the look of shock and disbelief! Every day of fall break, she begged me to help her decorate her poster. I kept telling her we had plenty of time and I was up to my eyeballs in papers, and tests that were due immediately. So in my true fashion of waiting until the last minute, the night before class we fancied up the poster board with pictures of Anna along with a list of her favorite things. As I looked at the pictures of some of the things she has done in her short 7 years, I was pretty impressed. She has lead quite an exciting life! I’m glad I had the opportunity to write a little bit about what she is into, presently, as I realized I forgot to interview her on her birthday (I’m such a good mom!).

Each day when she came home I asked about how the star student gig was going. She never had too much to report and didn't seem that excited about it anymore. Thursday when she came home, I asked again and I couldn't help but laugh when she responded with, “it’s nothing like I expected…you just get to hand out papers and be in the front of the line”. Oh man, nothing like a huge disappointment after all that anticipation. Her VIP role ended Friday afternoon with a presentation of her poster and she was able to take Kit to school for show and tell. She said her teacher really liked her poster and I know she liked talking about herself in front of the class. So while being star student was kind of a let down, she was able to enjoy a little bit of attention...its always nice to feel special!

A little bit about Anna at age 7:

Favorite TV Show: Shake It Up
Favorite Singer: Justin Bieber
Favorite Movie: Hannah Montana
Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese
Favorite Dessert: Cake
Favorite Activity: Art
Favorite Subject: Recess
Favorite Toy: Barbie
Favorite Vacation: San Diego

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