Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Trek Back in Time

On President' Day we decided to take the kids to the Renaissance Festival since it was such a beautiful day and they had never been before. It had been years since I had been and the only thing I remembered was the giant turkey legs and crowds of people dressed in medieval attire. Well my memory was accurate and this visit was no different then the last! It was lunch time when we arrived so we started with the turkey legs (I was the only one smart enough to not have my picture taken mid bite)The kids then wanted to do every single activity which included axe throwing, ladder climbs, a cheesy horse/jousting ride, etc. I of course went solely for the food...why is "carnie" food so dang good? The people watching was pretty great too! What a freak show! Very interesting people, who were clearly born in the wrong century! One of our favorite parts of the day, was watching the heckler who makes fun of people while they throw tomatoes at him. He is really mean and it is really funny! I was a littler concerned when Aiden decided he wanted a turn as the joker did not hold back even for small children! Right away the joker says "hey man looks like you and I are having a bad hair day!" then he says "just kidding, my hair looks great!". I couldn't help but laugh because it was true! Aiden has thick crazy hair and he never wants to style it! That was the meanest thing he said so it wasn't too bad and Aiden was a great sport! All in all it was a fun day and I am glad we went, but it was crowded, exhausting and very expensive so I won't need to go back anytime soon!

hmmm....I'm thinking Jason from that bad horror film rather than knight and shining armor!

Anna's she really is a gypsy!

And here is the mean (but funny) joker that teased my boy! As you can see from the picture above...the bad hair comment wasn't that far off!


  1. Sarah, I love reading your blog! Thanks for shaing your family's experiences. Tell Anna "hi" from Izzy. Suzanne

  2. I was just thinking about you!!!! That is soo funny! I miss you guys! Please tell Izzy hello from us!