Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Little Entrepreneur

Natalie, Mattie, Anna & Maddie
I came home from a much needed pedicure last Saturday to find my little entrepreneur, Anna, in the backyard with her girlfriends whipping up cake batter. When I asked what they were doing, Anna informed me that they were making cupcakes to sale. When I asked why they were doing it in the backyard, she told me that Trent said they were only allowed to do it if they did it in the backyard so as not to make a mess in the kitchen! What a good dad! Better yet, I found him asleep on the couch! Thank goodness Anna was using her Babycakes Cupcake Maker that her grammie gave her for Christmas instead of the oven since there was clearly no supervision! I will say for a group of 7-8 year olds they did a great job and the cupcakes were very tasty!

The girls set up shop at the corner of our street with a table and a cute table cloth. When I walked down there to check on them, I was surprised to see they were trying to charge $1.00 per cupcake! Especially since they were mini sized cupcakes! After some negotiation I was able to convince them that $0.25 was a bit more appropriate! Business was very steady and they actually had to make a second batch! I'm not sure what the total was but I know they each made a few bucks, so it was a very successful day! Anna is desperately trying to save money for a bike, so I have a feeling that this was just the first of several future bake sales!

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