Friday, August 10, 2012

Reptile Adventure

As crazy as it is my son is one decade old this year! I'm not sure how this is possible! Since it's kind of a big deal I decided he needed an awesome party! Aiden has always been in love with reptiles. For the first several years of his life he was obsessed with dinosaurs and he knew every single one of them by name. He doesn't play with dinosaurs anymore (which makes me realize how old he has gotten) but he has been begging for a snake or lizard for awhile now. Unfortunately, for us, the man of this house hates reptiles! I really don't think Trent is afraid of anything, so the fact that he is afraid of snakes is laughable to me. I'm afraid of everything and I would love to have a pet snake! Since I wasn't able to fulfill Aiden's request for a reptile to keep I decided we would at least borrow some for a bit!

We had the most awesome reptile guy come to the school where I work last year, and I couldn't wait to have him come to my house for a party. Rich with Reptile Adventures is fantastic! He brings an awesome variety of reptiles and tells interesting details about each of them! The coolest part of having him over for a party is the birthday boy gets to hold everything!!  Aiden had the time of his life. I was so impressed with how brave he was....the final snake was big enough to eat him! He never flinched! I was also impressed with how brave all of his friend were! I think everyone (even the girls :) held a python and touched all the other reptiles! Very cool!
The party was actually held on July 28th because literally everyone was out of town the weekend of the 14th...

Aiden was told to "be a tree".... it's a little difficult to stand still when a python is wrapping around your neck!
Tebow the Iguana was the life of the cute!

The decorations for this party were a little challenging as I couldn't find a lot of examples of a really cool reptile party, but I did find some pretty awesome ideas for safari themed parties so we went with that! I had a ton of help from Trent, my mom and my sister in law, Ashley! I could not have done this party with out them! It was way more work then I thought it would be. My cousin Lindsey and my Aunt Sandy are the most amazing party planners. I have always wanted to have a party with the kind of details they include but I haven't really been in a position to do it as it takes a lot of time and money. For Aiden's big 10 I decided to go big or go home! We had his party a little early this year so that we would have plenty of time to work on it and so that Trent could be here (he left for Canada Everything turned out great and I had such a blast doing it. But I will say I have a deeper appreciation for the time and effort Lindsey and Sandy put into their parties, and this one wasn't even a 1/10 of the size!

Aunt Ashley with baby Luke...he wanted to touch the snake too!
That must be some wish Aiden!

Present time! Aiden got lots of great stuff! One of our faves was from the Cardons. . . .it was a pocket knife attached to a bag of balloons. Inside each balloon was money! He loved using his new knife to pop the balloons!

All in all it was a great party! Most importantly we were able to share it with most of our family and friends! I told Aiden that I hoped he enjoyed every minute because we won't be doing another party like that until he turns 13!!!


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