Friday, August 10, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love back to school! After two months of trying to keep the children engaged it's time for them to get their bodies back in school and have their minds stimulated! We really had a great summer but the last couple of weeks have been spent sitting around watching way too much t.v. and playing way too many video games! You know the kids have been getting bored when even Anna is actually excited to go back!

After lots (and lots) of deliberation we have decided to put the kids back at Franklin. I LOVE the curriculum and there is zero question that they learn way more there, but it's a little intense! I wanted to take them to the school where I work, which is amazing, but these two have yet to stay at the same school for more than one year in a row! Plus, I love the structure at Franklin and the class sizes are smaller. I know an education is the most important thing and it's my job to make sure they get the best opportunities. So as inconvenient and not fun as it is....Franklin was really the best choice (for this year, anyway)!
This is probably the last year I will be allowed to take pictures at school or even get out of the car! They are starting to get very embarrassed by their parents! Trent probably didn't help by yelling "Have a great day, we love you" as they walked onto the playground!

Room 6: Mrs. Arredondo
Room 16: Mr. Calandar
It was a great back to school day, because dad was there too!

As we prepared to go back I asked the kids a few questions about the upcoming school year:

#1 What are your hopes for this school year?

Anna: "That we will be able to wear shorts!"
Aiden: "To have a good teacher".

#2 What is your favorite subject?

Anna: "P.E." (not my child)
Aiden: "Math" (not my child either)

#3 What do you think you will learn this year?

Anna: "Cursive."
Aiden: "More math."

#4 How does it feel being at the same school 2 years in a row?

Anna: "It feels like I'm in jail."
Aiden: "It sucks!"
Me: "What?  I thought you would be happy to finally be going to the same school for the first time ever."
Aiden: "Yea, that part is good, but I don't like our school."

#5 Okay, well why do you think I am making you go to Franklin?

Anna: "Because you are trying to get us to learn really good."
Aiden: "To make us suffer."

Hopefully someday they will thank me!


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