Sunday, October 7, 2012

Move over Buddy....There is a New Cake Boss in Town!

For Anna's big #8 we had a cake themed party with 12 girls! The day before the party I went ahead and baked the cakes so that they could spend their time decorating instead of baking! Considering I could only bake three cakes at a time it took awhile!

I bought very affordable aprons and chef hats for each girl and added a personal touch to them. The names and cupcakes for the aprons were cut from heat transfer paper on my new Silhouette (which I am obsessed with, sorry Cricut I've moved on). I made the flowers for the chef hats  using a tutorial found on Just Between Friends.   I then turned the kitchen/dining area into a bakery! Everything turned out super cute and I was happy with the results. Most importantly Anna and her friends had a great time!
Inspiration for the invitations came from here!

How cute are these streamers....made from cupcake liners! The inspiration for this party came from the HTWM blog here.

The cupcake liners came from Sweets and Treats (most of them I bought on cute!).

Natalie Mills

McKenna is just a little bored as she patiently waits for the fun to begin!

Maddy Stevens

Crystal & Natalie


now McKenna is enjoying herself!


Maddie Germer

Mattie Price (yes, that's right there were 3 Maddie's and they all spell it differently :)

Melanie Cardon

Learning to use fondant....this was a first for me too!

Colette Cardon

I made cute cake plates out of a plate and candlestick from the dollar store. The idea came from Crafting Chicks blog. I spray painted them in different colors. I guess they aren't food safe once you spray paint the add a doily before you put food on them! Easy and cheap party favor!

Melanie's new name is the "Poser".

My mistake...I casually mentioned that I couldn't wait to see the girls eat their cakes because they were full of frosting and candy. Anna looked right at me and said "okay, watch this..." Then the fun really started!

Melanie had been waiting to shove her face in the cake since the party started! Glad I was there to witness her do it!

Nice Nana....real nice!

where did this guy come from?

How do you wash off all that cake...jump in the shower in your clothes, of course!


  1. Are you kidding me right now?!?!?! That is the cutest party EVER!!! How on earth did you find the time to do all those amazing things? And when are you going to teach me how to make those super darling pinwheel fan things hanging above the cake table? I wanted to make those for Miss B.'s mermaid party but never got around to finding out how to make them. Please teach me!! Oh and please tell my mom that I MUST HAVE a Silhouette for Christmas!!! That is the best party ever!! Way to go crazy mama!!

  2. This is an adorable idea! I love all of the fun details. The aprons, the cake stands, the hats, the cakes, EVERYTHING! It is all so cute! I really love the way that you used my flower tutorial on the hats too. Good work!

    Thanks for linking to my site :)