Monday, October 1, 2012

Anna Banana turns 8!

Hard to believe but my baby is eight years old! I have been preparing for this day for awhile now, but it still seems impossible. Anna of course is very excited! This is a big year for her and she has been counting down the days. She is one of the last of her friends to turn 8 and she has been to several baptisms just waiting for the day it was her turn! While her birthday has finally arrived, she has to wait until the 2nd week of October to be baptized!

On her b-day, she woke up to the traditional smell of cinnamon rolls. She wanted me to curl her hair, which meant she had to wake up extra early (that child has a ton of hair). She dressed herself in her birthday finest and for the first time ever was excited to go to school because she was going to leave for lunch with Grammie!

That night Anna picked where she wanted to eat...Panda Express. You gotta love it. Quick and easy and better yet you get a free meal on your birthday! It was a special treat to have Nana, Papa and Paisley join us for dinner! After dinner we went back to Nana's and Anna was able to open some cards from her great-grandparents, and Aunt Sandy! She looked a little disappointed when she did not see a gift from us and thought she might have to wait until her party. Much to her surprise there was a brand new bike waiting in the back bedroom! She screamed when she saw it and of course thinks it is fantastic...she has been wanting a new bike for awhile now! All in all it was a great day!

Here are the answers from her b-day interview:
Favorite food: cake
Least favorite thing to eat: potatoes
Favorite thing to do: "Play with my friends and go skating."
Favorite movie: Odd Life of Timothy Green
Favorite TV show: Victorious
Favorite Book: Ivy & Bean
What makes you happy: “When our family is together.”
What are you really good at: math
What is your favorite color: red
What your favorite song: Rolling in the Deep
Who is your best friend: Natalie and Mattie
What do you and mom do together: hang out
Where is your favorite place to go: Hollywood
What do you want to be when you grow up: Veterinarian

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