Sunday, October 7, 2012

We've got Spirit!

When Anna's friends asked if she wanted to cheer at Mountain View during a game I answered for her! How stink'n fun is that, of course she wants to! The timing was perfect because Anna recently signed up for tumbling at Desert Devils with the intentions of eventually making it on their cheer team. This was a great opportunity for her to try out cheer and see if she likes it.

I dropped Anna off at 3:30 and she was given a cute pair of cheer shirts and a Toro shirt. They spent a few hours learning cheers (and playing games and eating pizza :) and then it was off to the fields for their big debut. They cheered the entire 2nd quarter! It was as cute as I hoped it would be! There were nearly 200 girls and they were so fun to watch. Anna had a blast, and hopefully the cheer bug will stick! She has plenty of spirit for it!!

Anna with Coco (Colette) and Melanie Cardon.

Side note: I don't really care what Anna chooses to do as long as she sticks with something. She is still taking 1 dance class, but doesn't seem to have a huge passion for dance. She is in a choir group and loves it but I am afraid she inherited my signing voice. She already quit piano and didn't care for t-ball. So far she is really loving tumbling....but the cheer thing is a huge commitment. Fingers crossed she finds something she loves and sticks with it....I know first hand what happens when you have to much idle time!


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