Friday, November 26, 2010

Becoming Xhosa

PhotobucketOn Elaine's last night here, we decided she should experience real South African food. I must admit that although I have been here since July, I haven't really experienced South African cuisine so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Friends of ours told us about this restaurant in Sandton that is an authentic African dining event. It was a beautiful restaurant and had a very cool vibe. The menu had some interesting items such as ostrich fillet, springbok (a cute little antelope) medallions and crocodile curry! While we waited for our food they came around and washed our hands in a bowl with vanilla water. Then two girls came over to paint our faces as the Xhosa tribe does for celebrations. This is one of the tribes with clicks in their language, that I have yet to master. I pronounce Xhosa "Zo-sa", but the X is actually a crazy click. The girl laughed as I tried to say it correctly! As she was painting my chest she said "I am very jealous of your breasts, I am going to cover them up!". I have learned that they are very blunt here and say whatever they are thinking! Trent refused to get painted like a Xhosa warrior but Elaine, the kids and I looked amazing!

PhotobucketI stepped out of my box once again, and ordered the ostrich fillet! It was delicious! Elaine decided to stay in her comfort zone and order the chicken but it was still an interesting dish and very flavorful! All in all it was a fun night and a great way for Elaine to end her stay in South Africa!!!!

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