Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The World is Yours

Trent clearly does not have an issue with heights, seeing as he works on top of 150 ft. poles on a regular basis, but I am still so impressed by his fearless attitude and sense of adventure. When he first moved to S.A. he decided it would be a good idea to bungee jump between two towers in Soweto. While he admits that it was very scary, he loved it and figured if he could jump 100 meters above the ground, why not try the highest bungee in the world and jump 220 meters off a bridge! Trent, along with his pals Chris and Joe took off for a boy filled weekend in Cape Town. After sightseeing and doing who knows what else in the Cape they headed for Gansbaii to swim with the sharks and then drove 7 hours up the coast to Tsitsikama for the big jump. They stayed the night, in a lodge that I found for them and it was quite funny when Trent called to report that the accommodations were most likely for honeymooners as there was a hot tub with roses and champagne as well as chocolates on the pillow! The best part was that Trent and Joe had to share a bed! Fortunately, I was forgiven the next day when they reported that the bed was very comfortable. The following morning they headed straight over to the bridge and Trent was the first lucky jumper of the day! A picture really is worth a thousand words Photobucketas I could completely read Trent's expression of "am I really going to do this" and "who thought this was a good idea". Trent said there was definitely that moment when he thought he may reconsider, however, it isn't really an option as once you hop onto the ledge they count down from 5 and give you a little push! My brave, foolish husband dove off that bridge with Photobucketnothing but a couple of bands around his ankles attached to a giant rubber band. He said it was a scary and awesome experience. The worst part is as you are bouncing around upside down it feels as if everything in your head is trying to escape through your eyeballs! He called me after the big jump and I could hear the shock, adrenalin and excitement in his voice. As I watched the video, I was in awe that someone could have so much trust in the crew that runs the jump and in a man made bungee rope. After Trent got back up onto the bridge, one of the guys who works there, said to him "congratulations, now the world is yours"! I envy Trent for being able to push past all fear. If he can do that I know that he can do anything!Photobucket


  1. OMG he is so CRAZY! I would NEVER!!!

  2. SERIOUSLY!! I see these pictures and can't believe that my Senior year of high school I ditched church and went bungee jumping with some friends! No way would I ever do it again!! Crazy Trent!! Did he take out a life insurance policy beofre he jumped???!!!HAHA

  3. WOW!!! He is fricken livin life!!!! Love it!!