Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!

On January 17th, Trent celebrated his 35th birthday! Crazy...not sure how that happened, especially since we have been together since he was 19! Wow, time flies! 

When you get to be Trent's age, birthdays are pretty mellow!It was a pretty uneventful day but he's not really the type that expects a big to do! Because I had school on his birthday we went to dinner the night before and then celebrated with a cake (that my mom and Anna made...thanks again) after I came home from school. Trent's big gift was an Iphone and he was very excited! He has been a little annoyed that I am constantly on my phone and now he is constantly on his! My mom's gift to him was an industrial case for the phone but we had to order it online and it hadn't come in time for him to open on his birthday! Michel then had a bright idea that we should crochet him a case and pretend that she genuinely wanted him to use it! It took everything I had to keep a straight face as Trent opened his fancy Iphone case! He didn't know what to think! It was hysterical watching him trying to be gratious and polite as he was clearly disappointed that he didn't get the case he wanted and there was also a little fear that he was actually going to have to use it! When we finally told him it was a joke he looked a little mad but he was a good sport about it! His new case finally came and it is much more his style! Happy Birthday, Trenton!   
I still think this is pretty cool...I'm not sure why he won't use it!

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