Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh I love you!

Is it possible for a website to make you a better person....yes, yes it can and it has! Although, I am embarrassed by the amount of time I spend on Pinterest it is all for a very good cause. Pinterest makes me a better mother, a better eater, a better speech therapist and a better crafter of course! The brilliant and creative ideas that are posted to this site are ENDLESS! Here are just a few examples of how Pinterest has made ME a better person...

I do not play...never have, never will. So about the only time that I feel like I am being a hands on mom is when I take my children somewhere.  But with Pinterest in my life I have found so many amazing things that I am actually willing to do with my kids! There are tons of crafts and experiments plus ideas for questionnaires and pictures that will help me to freeze these moments in time....Pinterest=better mom. Here are just a few of my pins on my For The Kids board....
Misc. ideas to keep bored kids busy

Marble races using a swim noodle
Marshmallow shooters
Glow sticks in balloons

Time Capsule Questions

Pinterest also makes me a better therapist. There are lots of great teaching blogs out there but speech therapy blogs are really limited. I love to keep things fun and interesting and so I am constantly trying to find fun ways to keep my students engaged.  I work with such a diverse range of needs that I'm constantly Googling to find resources....oh Pinterest, how you have simplified my search! Here are just a few of the blogs and pins I have found that are making me a better speech therapist....

Simply Speech Blog

Sublime Speech

Speech blog   

This blogger has so many great speech and language ideas pinned on Pinterest I just link you directly to them!
And now for how Pinterest is helping me with my diet....There are tons of great recipes and websites devoted to healthy eating (and plenty more with incredible unhealthy options too). I have found some of the best food blogs on Pinterest that I may not have found otherwise...
healthy food ideas

healthy s'mores...stop it!
Now of course if you go to my Pinterest boards you will see 2000 other great pins I have discovered! I warn you it is addicting but it's one of the only addictions that's actually good for you!


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