Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's all Good...will

So I am a little embarrassed to admit that I just discovered the benefits of shopping from the Goodwill as I know this is not news to most. While I have been to thrift stores before I usually get very overwhelmed (and for some reason slightly nauseous) and I don't end up finding what I need so I am in and out in two minutes. I keep seeing great ideas for projects on blogs and Pinterest using items purchased from thrift store so I decided to give it another go. In a hunt for funky frames I stopped by the  local Goodwill and thinking I wouldn't be staying long I didn't even bother to get a cart. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly greeting I received from the young man working the register. Trying to appear as if I'm a seasoned thrift store shopper and not at all too proud to buy used goods I proceeded past the cashier and straight for what appeared to be the home decor. I was extremely disappointed by the selection of frames (not even hot pink spray paint would make these sad frames look cool) and in my typical fashion started to head out of the store not understanding why anyone would shop there. Then like a beacon of light came down from the ceiling, I spotted the bookshelves with rows and rows of books! I am obsessed with children's books and use them in therapy all the time, so I was excited to see the vast selection. I was even more surprised when I actually found some books I have been looking for! I guess I have always been under the impression that people only give away junk to the Goodwill as I would never dare give away precious books! And here they were and for only 99 cents! Armed with a stack of 10+ books, I decided to just venture over to the toys and children's clothing. Aiden and Anna have to wear pants to school everyday and Aiden grows out of them so quickly that I feel like I have spent a small fortune on something he wears for such a short time. I hate looking through racks, which is why I stay away from places like Ross, so I didn't plan on searching just browsing. I couldn't believe it when right  on the corner of the rack was a pair of jeans in Aiden's size that still had the original store tags on them and only cost $4.99! Now I really felt like I was on a treasure hunt. It was like that stupid commercial where the lady walks in to the Goodwill looking for one thing and then ends up buying a cart full of stuff...I ended up having to get a cart after all! The ultimate find was the board games! We play a lot of games in therapy and most board games cost $20.  I ended up finding 4 games I have been wanting for $1.99 a piece! You do have to look through them to make sure they have all their pieces or that they have not been tagged up by their previous owner (I almost bought Jenga until I realized it was used as a drinking game and someone had written "take a drink", and some other obscenities directly unto the pieces)! I ended up having so much fun and finding so many great bargains that I actually ended up going to 2 other Goodwills after the first one! Not only did I find things I could actually use, I fulfilled my shopping addiction for much less money! I might just become one of those thrifty shoppers after all!

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